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Scooter says hello.

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Hi all! I just wanted to intro myself. I'm a fairly new listener and I'm working thru the archives. My job involves the occasional travel so its nice to have something that keeps my brain busy to listen to on my MP3 player...which isn't really so much an MP3 player, but it works. :) Scott and Rym's constant nagging to hit the forum moved me to come by and say hi.

About me: I'm a geek of many interests. Those interests don't really include anime BUT I enjoy some of the conversations about it on the show. Mainly I'm into beer brewing, computer games, reading, martial arts, gadgets, board games, pipes and cigars, single malt scotch, role-playing games, and kilts.

I'm married and have 2 great kids thus my gaming time is minimized but still existant.

I am a professional geek. I work for a company that creates and maintains networks for both general business and restraunt point-of-sale systems. Oh, speaking of which. If you live in central OK and you are looking for a tech job, let me know. We need another tech BAD.


  • Martial arts, eh?
    Any specific application or style of martial arts, such as various weapons or bare-handed styles?
  • Hi Katsu,

    I've taken Karate, TKD (forgive me, it was cheap and a friend ran the school), Kali, and hungar kung fu. My fav was Kali. That was way fun and very practical. It was my only real venture into weapons so I got pretty good with knives and sticks. How about you?
  • Katsu is the kendo master.
  • Kendo, iaido, taijutsu, and sabre fencing. I know a bit of jo staff, took a few months of karate, and the general idea behind naginata. As you can see, I'm very much weapons oriented, but I don't see that as too much of a handicap.
    I'd like to hear your thoughts on improvision and adaptability, though. I think that what is more important than the style of fighting that you know is how well you can adapt it to a given situation. Such as using the principles of a weapon style while unarmed.
  • Aw so! I have many thoughts on the subject. I've also done the western fencing thing...mostly foil. I'm at work and can't devote the time to this answer. I'll get back to ya tonight.
  • Okay I've got a few free moments. :)

    Two things put the adaptablitly idea into my head, using the foil and learning Kali/Escrema. After a while of learning the foil,realizing that if you aim with your thumb you will hit anything, and the only part of the sword used for blocking is the first few inches (forte) near the bell gaurd it occured to me that much of it translates into open hand fighting. If you pretend your fist is the point and your wrist is the forte....I could see a one-handed person winning a fist fight.

    The nifty thing about Kali was the fact that if I have a knife or fist all the strikes, blocks, traps and such are the same. Its an amazing art.
  • I found the same to be true with kendo and iaido. Pretend your fist is the point of the sword, and make a blade with your hand. A lot of it is in the footwork and the way that you move your body.
    The most important is getting your body to move quickly, fluidly, and as you want it to.
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