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GeekNights Wednesday - Take the X Train

edited October 2013 in GeekNights

Tonight on GeekNights, in celebration of Halloween, we review the... odd... Take the X Train that came out of Rintaro's 1987 brain. In the news, Ayumi Hamasaki sings for Buddha 2, and Anime News Nina is ending its run. Stay tuned for BIG CHANGES to the GeekNights/Front Row Crew Forum, and PAX is sold out.

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  • I can only hope the X is DMX and he has a train you can ride.
  • Just watched it. That was brilliant. The sense of isolation and strangeness. The tension was tight as a drum the whole time. It was a little Camus, a little Akira. The ending was pitch perfect. You know I couldn't decide if it was a fantasy fulfillment or straight up horror.

  • Nuclear power is bad for everyone. Giant Robo will never be.
  • Nuclear power is great if you take the necessary precautions and put it in the right location.
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