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Connecticon tea party

Hey all, I am working on organizing the next tea workshop for Connecticon 2014. I want to make it bigger and better: More presenters, more days, more time, more teas. That means I need more people. Reply if you're interested in participating, along with your level of tea skills, maybe an outline of what you'd like to present (preferably no tea-bags). If you happen to know someone who is crazy for tea, but not active on the forums, please pass this invitation along.


  • Well can't say I'm surprised this is a literal tea party. But my knowledge of tea extends to what I gleaned from Good Eats, and unless this will be conducted in the "after hours" portion of Connecticon I doubt my applications of tea would be appropriate (involves alcohol)
  • I know one cat who's obsessive about his tea, but I'm not sure if he'd be able to make it to Connecticon. I'll look into it and drop you a line if he's available.

    I also know that the elder TvHs drink a lot of tea, so I'll alert them of this thread.
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