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Indie RPG Spotlight - Mouse Guard

Mouse Guard is a simple, elegant role playing system that easily tells the kinds of stories in the fantastic Mouse Guard comic. If you enjoy that comic, you will enjoy this rpg. If you haven't read that comic, you should probably start.

Mouse Guard involves turn taking, novel character creation, a mechanical cycle of seasons, and interesting character development. Challenges use a generic system that encourages clever storytelling and survival drama. It's a great game to play with children, but easily scratches an adult role playing itch.

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  • I really, really would like to get Mouse Guard to the table at some point. I have the deluxe box set, and it's selling for well over $100, even though Luke has hinted at a future reprint. Might just have to suck it up and sell it. Hell, my local library down the street has a copy of the hardcover rulebook (probably never checked out). If I really need to play, it's a 2 min walk away.
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