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  • Don't scare me like that.
  • I'm going to try to get a badge. In likelihood I either won't be able to get down there or I'll get in on a booth this time, so if I swing a badge I'll prolly selll it to one of you lot at regular price.
  • I plan on getting max number expressly for hooking up people who can't get one.
  • That's my usual plan. We'll see if I happen to be at my desk this time.
  • F5 today!

    Unless Khoo is totally fucking with us.
  • @jukkakhan rest easy... Today.

    — Robert Khoo (@rkhoo) May 16, 2014
  • Completely ambiguous. reddit/r/PAX has been very entertaining this week.

  • I wish they went on sale this week. Next Tuesday I'll be on a plane all day and it's a crap shoot if they have wifi. Wednesday is check and and set up for our computer/network IDs in training and who knows how long it will take for me to get access.

    The last two years and possibly prior, tickets when on sale on Wednesdays between 9 AM - 11 AM PDT. I'm concerned about my chances.
  • Just quit your job it's the only way.
  • Sorry to remind everyone, but it's time to press F5 again.
  • Please be next week. I don't want to chance it this week. But yeah, I bet it will be this week. People if you get extra tickets and I don't, you know that I will gladly buy them from you.
  • I know that I can easily sell an arbitrary number of badges should I have extras.
  • I wanted to get an extra badge and be like "Listen to GeekNights all this month for your chance to win!"
  • Hmm... We give them a code word at SOME POINT during each show. They then have to submit all four codewords. ;^)
  • Rym said:

    Hmm... We give them a code word at SOME POINT during each show. They then have to submit all four codewords. ;^)

    Or the last episode of the month has a trivia question that can only be answered if you listened to the other episodes that month, and can't be Google'd.
  • "What was the 104th word Rym said on the show from X date?": =P
  • You wouldn't even know yourself. You would have to count your own words and I know that you know that I know that you know you aren't going to do that.
  • How do you know that?
  • They don't even do a script or an outline for their podcast. Counting words requires effort. I am 99% sure and willing to be that Rym wouldn't bother counting to the 50th word he said.
  • Have you factored in his desire to undermine your knowledge of him?
  • Yep. Free time = valuable time. Counting words to spite Ro = waste of time. Valuable time > waste of time.
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    Maybe he'll give someone a badge for doing that work for him. They're like currency now.
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  • I know PAX is worth going to extreme measures for, but given the amount of effort I see some people going through, plus time spend bitching & moaning, I wonder if that time could be spend making an extra $100-150 through some means and they you can just eBay a damn badge if you need one.
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    I kinda don't care if I don't go this year anyway. At most I may go on Friday since that seems like a lower traffic day as people travel in. But I'm just finding it harder to care about the stress in going to PAX when there is zero stress in going to Bumbershoot and I'm more excited to see bands I like than I am playing board games with people I meet randomly.
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  • Any Club PA members need to check their email.
  • I intend to sign up to enforce again and will try to get a day badge so that I can at least spend one day hanging out with forumites. As much as I've loved going to PAX, it doesn't feel like the same convention anymore, and it's not nearly as much fun if none of my local friends can go (which has been the case for two years).
  • Dromaro said:

    Any Club PA members need to check their email.

    If they gave club PA early shots, that's horseshit.

  • I understand that the email states that Club PA members are given access to one (1) 4-day badge - though it appears that it won't be mailed, and that you have to pick it up in person, with your ID, at Will-Call. This is second-hand information though, so grain of salt and such.
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