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MAGFest 8.5

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It begins! If you remember MAGFest 8 (the one before the first one that Rym and Scott went to) they are having a smaller version of MAGFest in the same hotel. Anyone else want to join in?
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  • We were asked to come and perform, but I sadly don't think we're going to be able to make it.
  • I can understand that but I got it booked in case anyone else wants to come join in.
  • Great, now I get to miss 2 MAGFests a year.
  • Greg said:

    Great, now I get to miss 2 MAGFests a year.

    Technically 3 with MAGStock
  • Thanks for the heads up, I just got myself a ticket and booked a room for the weekend.
  • Minor update: 1470 tickets left (no chance this thing is selling out at this rate) but they are closing pre-orders on September 8th and hotel registration ends on Aug 25th (why?).

    I talk about the lineup later but so far it is under "bands Coldguy likes" category.
  • I just don't think I want to do anything that weekend. Already feeling the summer travel burn out and I've got a lot still going on.
  • Holy crap you guys they got the Protomans to come to 8.5!
  • Coldguy said:

    Holy crap you guys they got the Protomans to come to 8.5!

    Don't they go to every MAGFest ever?
  • I am here and can report that everyone is still sleeping and its fucking empty right now.
  • I will happily await the Youtube videos of the concerts. Hope everyone has fun!
  • I have recovered enough to give final thoughts about 8.5.

    Opening ceremonies announced they hit 2000, smart people called BS, it was actually 1400.

    There were people saying to new MAG attendees to wait for "Mag Prime/ real MAGFest" people like me called them out on their BS.

    I encountered about 2 dozen people saying that this was their first MAGperence , of those 4 never been to a con before.

    One of them was from Isreal studying physics in their MIT.

    Roar count without prompt 1, roar count when people complained about roar 9.

    Concerts were nice and sparce, the largest crowd was for Protomans at 1AM Sunday.

    Best in show goes to You Bred Raptors?, best meme goes to "Sing the song about Mario Bros," Best single moment was Professor Shy guy with the following banter:

    "You guys play LoL?"

    Crowd: "No"

    "Fuck, different song then"

    Super art fight is going to be playing a show in NYC next month, your welcome.

    Very few people gave a shit about LAN

    The people who run MAGFest give more of a shit about tabletop then the people who run tabletop, let that sink in.

    I'll save some more tidbits for later.
  • Jealous. Wish I could be at every MAGFest-thing. But I'm poor and have school. Poo.
  • So Coldguy, overall would you say good or bad?
  • So Coldguy, overall would you say good or bad?

    Very good, for FRC convention peeps it does everything we like with a small number of people. Never overcrowded, but many people to get the vibe just right.

    Closing ceremonies tidbits:

    I asked about mailing badges, they immediately told me no. Part of reason is counterfeit concerns the other is them printing the badges really late (less then 7 days from con) since people don't fill out forms properly.

    They don't do party central, but told the crowd how THEY can do party central with room booking.

    They are trying to do Pax v Mag stuff, the hikd up is the Internet access at South. Think of crossing twitch streams, vs bridge simulator, and other things.

    If you kick in extra, they don't know what the items are. Soneone bought a light suit, they don't know what it is so they need to figure it out.

    I am going to be assimilated into the MAGStaff, oh god...

    There are a few other things I forgot but we have determined that MAGFest is to conventions as the Mongolians are to crash course
  • Oh me and @LordKaT‌ did this

    MAGFest 8.5 Review - 09/15/14:
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