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Microsoft Surface



  • Hey man, I can see where you could have misunderstoond my intentions when I said what I said. Apology accepted. And I probably over reacted to your comments as well, so you have my apologies. Anyways, the tech is pretty cool, and I'd love to see a functional and useful home/personal application of it, but it depends on too many things to be just so, for now. I could see trying to set up the cameras just so, and fiddling with shit to get it to work, but, down the line, I could see it eventually working out as the tech gets better and better.
  • Also, has everyone else forgotten the previous item that touted multi-touch? The same item that set the internet ablaze for a couple of days, and is still a pretty sweet item?
    I remember that - I'm not so sure it wasn't the same product, in an earlier stage of development.
  • Anyone else notice, in the video where they use the glass squares, how slow the response time on this thing is?
  • Why do we need a digital table? What precisely is the point?
  • Why do we need a digital table? What precisely is the point?
    Why do we need microwaves? TV's? Video Games? iPods? Digital Clocks? If inventors were always content with what we had and didn't create seemingly useless stuff, we would still be in the stone age.
  • Giant Necro, but...

    I finally got to mess around with one of these at the hotel I stayed at in New York! Here is a quick video I made of it with my camera.
  • AHHH so cool.
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    No one posted this yet?

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  • On the subject of A/V mixing:

    Lemur beat them to it.
  • I got to play with one of these at the Microsoft campus in Seattle/Redmond. They have one in the lobby of Bldg. 19, their recruitment center.

    It sounded cooler than it was. Essentially, it is just a big touchscreen. They only had the demo games and apps loaded on it, and it was interesting for about 3 minutes. Bear in mind, this is in their recruitment bldg lobby, so the idea is to impress potential candidates.

    It crashed on us while we tried it out. It then crashed on the MS employee that came over to demo it for us. She then told us that this one had to be replaced because it continued to have technical problems. Even the model that replaced it later that day was difficult to get it to recognize your touches, and most people grew bored with it in a few minutes.
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