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Forum Exclusive: New Theme Preview

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Alright guys. I'm putting the finishing touches on the new theme for the website. The basic look and feel are pretty much set in stone at this point. What I need help with is a few of the finishing touches. Here are three screenshots to take a look at.




You'll notice that I'm playing around with borders and background colors for the sidebars in these three shots. Feel free to tell me what looks best. But don't limit yourself just to what you see here. This is not a multiple choice question. Make any suggestion you want. I can change all sorts of things. I can pick any color, any border style, anything. I can rearrange things if you don't like where I positioned them. I'm not going to change the basics of this theme, but the rest is nowhere near set in stone.

Also, I'm still looking for logos for both the Front Row Crew and GeekNights. The top left and right of the web site is looking mighty lonely.


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    A couple small suggestions.

    First, you might want to change the link color back to the current one...I think the less-pure blue looks better.

    Second, have you tried a variation on the third image with a more silvery color for the sidebar background? If you want a starting point, #e0e0e8.
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  • I think the first one out of the 3 is the best.
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    Here's a fourth one. This is an attempt to make the site look even more like the forum.


    If you'll notice on the left when you put the mouse on a link the link turns yellow. Just like the left of these forums.
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    I like the fourth one by far the best because it's easier to read expesially because the font colors and the bolding of the links remain very constant with the rest of the text. However, personally, I like the forums how they are right now the most, so do you think you could set it up so we could choose which interface we have in our profiles? (though I'm not sure if that can be like done...) If not, let's stick to shot number four.
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    Kam, I think you are confusing what part of the site will change. The style won't affect the UI of the forum portion at all, Scott is just trying to make the home page look more like the forum default style.

    I too think the last one is looking the best.
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  • I really rather dig #4. It looks the 'cleanest.'
  • I think style 4 is currently the best looking of the versions you've got going, it looks clean.
  • If you like 4, do you like 5?!

  • One problem with judging these is how wide you've got your sample window set. It makes it difficult.

    4 looks more like the main forum, 5 looks like the discussion page. I think it depends on what you want to highlight.
  • What ever happened to the Logo contest? Are you going to replace the neon lights thingy?
  • We are replacing the neon lights thingy. We still need a logo. Notice the complete absence of any logos from the new site design? If you want to make a logo make sure it's square and make sure it would look nice in the top left or top right of these screenshots.
  • Get rid of the yellow.
    I can suggest a better color palette but that'll take some time.
    For now a simple solution is to make it more monotone.
  • 5 is clearly the best: Good fonts, nice layout, good colors. As for the logo contest...
    /loads Photoshop
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