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Most anticipated cons in 2007

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What cons are people planning to attend in 2007? Which ones are you looking forward to the most? Next year, I am hoping to get to GenCon (Indy) for the first time.


  • I'll be attending Steve-Con 2007 for sure!

    I'll probably attend at least one of the Dreamation Cons in New Brunswick NJ.

    Origins? Perhaps.
    Gen-Con? I'd love to but that time of year is often booked up (vacation wise) by people at work with 30+ yrs...

    There is one other convention that I will attend if the game company hosting it pays my way. I say this because it is their weekend party where they show off all of the new games they are adding to their line up.

    Why would they pay my way? Well because they licensed one of my games last year and if they do not produce a copy by mid summer their contract will lapse and I can shop the game elsewhere (keeping the upfront fee!)
  • I'm looking forward to Katsucon and Connecticon like I do every year. Although not sure if I'll be going to Katsucon, it sorta depends on if I can find a place to stay. Probably the same with Digital Overload which I may go to this year.
  • For me it all leads up to Otakon. I’m also braving my first sci-fi con this year, aka Arisia I can’t decide whether to be excited or scared.
  • I was close to going to Katsucon in 07, after hearing about the adventures of Rym and the young republicans. I had a hotel room already booked, but my buddy had a conflict so I'll have to try another year. I live in the Midwest, are there any gaming/fantasy cons on the east coast (preferably DC or NYC areas) that you all would recommend?
  • I am thinking about going to Genericon XX because it is so darn close to where I live (I could walk to it if I wanted). Has anybody heard anything about it or planning to go?
  • I will be there all four days at Anime Expo!
  • I'm planning to go to AnimeNEXT (July 6-8) in Secaucus. I'm booking a room at Amerisuites for two nights and taking a train from Philadelphia to New York's Penn Station then a coach to the convention's front door.

    I've heard about Rym/Scott's experiences at the convention last year and from the website it seems that the con staff will continue using the Meadowlands despite the fact that they are clearly pressed for space. Looking at the Wikipedia article because of it's close proximity to New York/New Jersey metro/Philadelphia (sic) areas, attendance keeps going up.
  • Katsucon - tentative maybe

    Stellarcon - Definitely - Sci-Fi con in NC

    Ravencon - haven't decided yet, but possible

    Animazement - Definitely, although next year I may decide to go to Balticon instead if I can find someone to take over managing Artist Alley

    Con Carolinas - if I can swing it financially, then definitely

    Otakon - Maybe

    Dragon*con - going if at all possible...still have to work out my room situation.

    And that's about as far as I've planned out...of course, I go to network and to dig up customers for my jewelry, too. ^^
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