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Now, most of the Americans on the forum won't have heard of Supernova, but any Brisbane/Sydney Based ones should.

Supernova is basically a "Geek Culture" convention that has been getting bigger for the last few years. The hold one in Brisbane, and one in Sydney - though they are both practically identical. Though, admittedly, they do have a rather small artist's alley, and it is mostly reserved for Indie comics, Print comics, and Aussie Webcomic artists.

This year's guests are Aaron Douglas(Chief Tyrol from the original Battlestar Galactica), Billy Dee Williams(Lando, Hero of Colt .45 The Rebellion), and Clayton and Dan Watson.

They are Pretty good cons, and somewhat Interesting things do tend to happen - Last year, at the Cocktail party, I found myself both Drunk and Sitting across a table having a conversation with Summer Glau, Whose sobriety I shan't comment on, other than it was slightly greater than mine.

So, Aussies - Are you coming?

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  • Supanova? I might go along again this year. We enjoyed it last year and bumped into some unexpected old friends (cosplaying! :O) so that was a suprise! I might enter the art competition again, too.

    The Artist Alley was so disappointing. :< I really want to see/go to the ones they have in America and Japan... I would spend all my time and money there!
  • I thought SuperNova was a guy on Digg...
  • I thought SuperNova was a guy on Digg...
    I thought it was a DDR mix...
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