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Osamu Tezuka's Phoenix

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So, I got the second volume from this manga last friday. It was awesome, it is hard to explain with words how good was it. It is funny and yet it is very deep in meaning. I can wait to get a hold of the next volumes. I asked the guy from the comic story to check if he would have the first volume. As I was reading the end of the manga I notice something that I have seen in some movies (Men in Black) and cartoons (The Simpsons, Dexter's lab). About the idea that there is a bunch of galaxies and that those galaxies are small compared to what it is actually out there. Those anyone know where those theory come comes from, because I think it is very interesting. I can't believe it took me so long to read it. If it is true that is a little more expensive than the normal manga but it is worth it.


  • Well Phoenix was Tezuka's life work.
  • So far I've been able to acquire both 2 and 5 of the Phoenix books. Has anyone out there been able to locate book 1 recently?
    I'm aware that it is out of print, but I keep hoping it will turn up on eBay or at a used book store.
  • I can lead you to some links were you can find it but they are expensive :(
  • I recently picked volumes 3 through 6 at a convention for five Australian dollars each. Bargain of my life! Now to spend $40 each on the remaining 8 volumes.

    It's very very good. I love Tezuka even more than I did before and that's quite an achievement. Karma (volume 4) is my favourite. The way volume 5 (Resurrection) unfolded was amazing. Also really liked Nostalgia and, um, everything I've read. 8D Seriously good stuff. It is SO sad that it was selling badly enough to be on the convention bargain shelf (where I found volume 4 of Planetes last year too! What is wrong with people?).
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