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GeekNights 070221 - Katsucon 13

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Tonight on GeekNights, we review Katsucon 13. In the news, the New York Comic Con is this weekend, and Tokyopop is updating its rating system.

Scott's Thing - All's Fair at the Fair
Rym's Thing - Other Views of Dragon Ball


  • Great convention report and stories!

    Yes Rym, my remixes hint at elements of Happy Hardcore. :)
  • Actually parking at the Marriott wasn't that bad. I think it's like $23 for parking over 5 hours, so I mean if you are there for a day or two its generally not too bad. Plus its right across the street. The tricky part for me was getting into the garage at around midnight since apparently they close the Calvert Street entrance to the garage, and the only way in from that street is into the hotel which requires a key. Luckily I caught someone from the hotel leaving as I got to the door so I was able to split inside.

    And the Match game was awesome. Definitely one of the best, if not the best panel I've been to at a con. It helped that I managed to win when I played, but that's just bonus points really.
  • I have All's Fair at the Fair on VHS back home in NYC. My mom bought my brother and me a bunch of old cartoons on tape way back when we were little. That YouTube really brought back memories.
  • Why all the hate on Dragonball? Is just not fair :P .
    Anyhow I already seen those from a good old dragonball web site along time ago :P.
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