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Apocalypse cometh!

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Get your duct tape and your shotguns ready. I think Rym actually ordered a new computer. If you think bad stuff happens when planets and moons align, stay on your toes. The big one is coming!


  • But... I used all my duct tape to make a spiffy hat. I'm screwed O:
  • He can't be as bad as I was when I built my current rig a little while back. Couldn't find one of the three motherboard supply plugs coming from the psu(not the 24/20+4, or the 4 pin hard drive plug(there is a 4 pin molex on the mobo), but a funky 4/4+4/8 plug I hadn't ever messed with before. It had been a while since I built a new computer), so I got pretty pissed. After 30 minutes of tracing and re-tracing all the lines from the psu, I went back and picked up the old mobo and psu(both long dead), and after inspecting them, chunked them , with great fury, down the hallway. My girlfriend was like "Oh shit, did you just break something?" I was like "those were already broke, but I'm feeling better now." I let the rig sit for about 3 hours, and went back to pull the psu to make sure. upon pulling the thing, I realized that I had tucked all the wires I wasn't going to need, and had bundled the 4+4 wireset in with the videocard power cables. Five minutes later I had a new computer. Any word on what her actually ordered?
  • Duct tape is the world's greatest tool.
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    Red Green FTW.
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  • ZOMG I haven't seen Red Green for over a year... Almost forgot about him.
  • [awesome]9978ducttape.png[/awesome]
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