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Which LCD should I get?

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While I've ordered my new PC, I haven't decided on a display yet. We have several around the house, so it's not an immediate concern, but I do want to replace my current CRT in the near future.

Whenever I purchase electronics, especially computer parts, I make one decision before I even look at a single product. I ask myself which of two factors is most important: price to quality ratio, or suitability for purpose. Essentially, I decide if the purchase a temporary or (effectively) permanent solution.

In the case of the former, I pick a baseline price and work outward from there, looking for the best satisfaction per dollar ratio. I'll have a few minimum requirements, but from there everything else is optional and added to the calculation. A faster or quieter product would or would not be worth an $x price increase, and so forth. These kinds of goods I tend to replace more regularly, or else can't afford to go with the second option.

In the case of the latter, I decide what I want, and only even consider products that 100% fulfill those wants. If a factor is worth considering at all, it is required to fully meet my desires. If no product fits the bill at a price I am willing to pay, I forgo the product entirely.

As an example, my current car was a case of the former. I needed a reliable car, but did not have the resources to buy an optimal car nor the ability to wait for a more favourable market. I compromised. I'm now slowly looking into buying a new car. As there is no immediate or pressing need, I have the luxury of waiting for an optimal car instead of settling for a stop-gap.

Considering that quality displays often (if not usually) outlive their PCs, I'm leaning toward the latter, which (admittedly) is something I rarely do.

All of that said, what do you guys like or recommend? I have several candidates, but I don't want to poison the idea well prematurely.


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    A few examples of my thinking:

    Price to Quality:
    My iPod (a truly optimal product does not yet exist)
    My cell phone (a truly optimal product does not yet exist ((in the US)) at a price I am willing to pay)
    My Job (a truly optimal product is not yet available to me)
    My messenger bag (it sucks, but it was practically free)

    Suitability for Purpose:
    My mountain bike (still going strong after over a decade)
    My current PC (I bought exactly what I wanted at a high price)
    My trumpet (I was never professional enough to EVER need more than what I have)
    My glasses (I paid top dollar for perfect glasses)
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  • When buying an LCD monitor the most important thing to look for is the viewing angle.

    No LCD is perfect from every angle but some begin to fail when only a few degrees off. My laptop is a prime example of this problem. Anything further then 15 degrees off center and colors fall apart and look like crap.

    Look at the LCD on Scott's laptop as a prime example. The size of the dots (in relation to the screen resolution) matters a lot.

    Why do you want an LCD as opposed to a CRT?
  • Why do you want an LCD as opposed to a CRT?
    The sole reason is GeekNights. We use Shure SM-57 microphones, which are dynamic. By their nature, dynamic microphones will "record" any electromagnetic disturbance in the area. If my mic is anywhere near my CRT, I get a wonderful 85Hz hum.
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    If you are going to go for an LCD make sure you also get a chance to test it out somewhere. what looks good in the store may look like shit at home.

    If possible, have Scott go with you and have him bring his laptop. Tell the clerk you want to plug the LCD into Scott's laptop and compare the screen images. Because you already know how the laptop LCD screen looks at home you will be better able to judge how the monitor you intend to buy will look at home when you see how the laptop screen looks in the store.

    That make any sense?

    The Danbury Mall has a Dell Kiosk store with LCD monitors galore. They might have the one you are looking for there. The mall also has a mad amount of open "linksys" hotspots.

    Damn those Linksys people are nice aren't they? They provide free wi-fi access all over the place!
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  • As much as you guys HATE Wal-Mart, they do have an EXTREMELY nice lcd at a decent price. The Proview PL2230WDB supports 1680x1050 at 60Hrz and is a 22in wide screen. The viewing angle on it is extremely wide. Undistorted for about 45 degress(22.5 to either side of center)(my estimation), and is viewable out to about 45 degrees to either side of center(again, my estimation), and all of that is at about 2-3 feet from the screen to my glasses. I picked up one to replace my old crt that was loosing brightness, and I liked it so much, I picked up another one when i built my new rig. It has two vga ports and a dvi port. I use dvi for my pc, and one of the vga's for my xbox 360. They run about 300 bucks, which isn't cheap, but I've never had anything but good luck when it comes to Proview lcd's.
  • I highly recommend the 30" Dell. I got mine refurbished and it has been great!

  • Ok, got to looking at my Proview from different distances, and it's actually fully viewable from pretty much any angle. I was confusing image viewing with reading text, which gets harder once you get far enough off center on any monitor. Color distortion at large angles off center is noticeable, but doesn't detract from functionality. It's nothing at all like the older lcd's, where the colors invert at angle. Quite the opposite; The colors don't appear to invert at ANY angle on this monitor.
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