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Joining Skypecasts in Linux / Dear Scott -- I know you know

edited May 2007 in Technology
Scott, I know you know how to make skypecasts work in linux. All my Google searches come up with pages in other languages, or completely irrelevant pages. Enlighten me and others to your ways.


  • I've only done it a few times. You have to manually figure out the phone number and type it into Skype.
  • Wow. That really sucks.
  • Ok, here it is, folks. Exactly how you join a Skypecast in linux.

    1. Find the Skypecast you want to join in your browser.
    2. Right-click on "Join this Skypecast" and select "Open in new tab".
    3. Click OK when the error appears.
    4. The URL will contain a 17 digit number beginning with a +. Copy and paste this number into Skype to join the Skypecast.
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