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Video Section Added to Site

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Fresh from the major GeekNights web site update, we now have a video archive right along side the show archive! Check out the full GeekNights archive. We have for your consuming pleasure the last 831 or so episodes of GeekNights, plus many of our more recent lectures, highlights from conventions we've attended, a proper home for Radio Free Equestria, and more!

Check them out! Mash them up! Spread the word, and we'll get a lot more video content up in the near future!
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    Video RSS feed would be nice.
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    Video RSS feed would be nice.
    Yeah, I know. Soon. I have to figure out the proper way to include a YouTube video into an RSS item.
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  • Yeah, best to do it properly.
  • wait, there is a site attached to this forum?
  • The best thing you can do to motivate us to add more video content is to spread the existing (good) video content far and wide. ;^)
  • Would it be possible to put these videos on or something so they could be made into video podcasts, or is that too much extra work/time?
  • No go, on the video RSS feed?

    Is it expected that will have all the Geeknights videos for the near future?
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