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Episode 11 - New Anime Shows

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Have you seen Gankutsuou, Mushishi or Place Promised? What did you think of them? If you haven't seen them, do you plan to?

Don't be spoilerific.


  • Mushishi is a wonderful show, though I don't know how some people might react to it. I find that it has a sublime beauty to it, and that it evokes tender emotions. It reminds me very much of Japanese folklore.
  • I very much enjoy how, despite how strange the mushi are, they're consistent in that they follow their own rules. I don't see the main character as a shaman so much as a travelling scientist.
  • Gankutsuou!!! Definitely my favorite show since FMA. The graphics alone set it apart from other anime - it really looks unique with all the crazy textures n such - and plus... it's Dumas! Omg! The Count is a very well-defined character, he absolutely has to be one of the most enigmatic and stunning characters in an anime ever. I also like how they focused on the younger generation, and its parallels to the older one. I love love love Albert and Franz and Eugenie (even if Albert is the most naive and clueless kid to ever live, and Eugenie was supposed to be a lesbian in the book XD)

    Some other good post-FMA anime are Trinity Blood (which is also Gonzo, and just got licenced) - it's a bit random until you get about 10 eps in, but it's pretty, the world concept is neat, and I like the characters - which is more than I can say about well, most of the other current anime. :P Think of all the esotericness and mystery of the Old World, but in the future, where the Vatican is at war with the Empire of Methuselah (Vampires) centered in Byzantium/Constantinope/Istanbul. OoOoo.

    The Snow Queen is also good - the art is pure nostalgia, and the story actually takes a Han Christien Andersen story and fleshes it out and makes it not suck. It's aimed a bit more at kids, but it sort of touches the tender spot in everyone, and again, the nostalgia :) A great example of an anime that isn't porn, bloody, or hoooooorribly cliche. The only bad part is that the fansubs are really slow -_- Gerda and Kay... socute!

    There's Bleach, which honestly, I do sort of like, but... it's Bleach. Ghostbusting spirit samurai duking it out DBZ style. Yeah XD The manga I recommend though - none of that shitty Don Kanonji random filler :( The stuff about the "hollows" and the inner politics of the Death Gods is neat though, and the plot has some nice surprises coming, but I really wish they'd elaborate on the world a bit more. And make it less like DBZ.

    Naruto is still going.... and I like Naruto... but the filler, oh god the filler.
  • I've noticed Mushishi just sitting there not sure if i should approach it or not, but i will be sure to take a look at it now. Thanks.
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