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making a doujinshi in the US

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I want to make a small run fan comic of Phoenix Wright to sell at cons and online. Does anyone have any advice on to go about it?

Also, do I have to worry about legal issues since I'm using liscenced characters? I don't think I do because I already sell fan art at cons but I would like to make sure.


  • It's tough to say whether you would have a problem or not. Technically, the law would say that you are just not allowed. Period. However, there is some wiggle room, which is what allows some fanart to be sold in artist alleys (listen to GeekNights 060201 and 060202 to hear Scrym talk about that amidst the controversy of Otakon's artist alley debacle in 2006). I'm just not sure if there is enough of that wiggle room to allow something like a doujinshi, which is longer and more involved than just a simple fan image, and I really don't know if that wiggle room would extend that far beyond the boundaries of a convention.
  • Wouldn't fair use come into play concerning this?

    Sigh. It's much easier in Japan.
  • I would say that instead of a doujin just create something new :P
  • Hey now, I'm not big into fanfiction/fanart much myself, but I acknowledge that it is not inherently inferior to original works. Something like a doujin can be just as valid, creatively-speaking, as an original manga, if done right.
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    I would say that instead of a doujin just create something new :P
    Just because I want to make a fan comic doesn't mean I don't make original comics too.
    I would say you have a problem.
    Even if it's a parody?
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  • Hmm, I don't know about legal issues, but I'd assume that if it couldn't be misconstrued as the original and we were not marketing it as such, then I think it should be okay. It's a legal grey area.

    But Oh Man, if you are doing Gyakuten Saiban doujins I wanna do one too! I am making an Oofuri one right now, but the possibilities are endless for that game series. Edgeworth is Tsundere Lawyer!
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    If someone saw the two on a shelf next to each other, would they put two and two together and think the fan work was directly related to the original. If yes, then you have a problem.
    You could just sick a big "This is parody, so there!" warning on the front.

    Anyone interested in doing a Sanctuary radio drama?
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