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Getting paid to surf the net is back?

edited November 2006 in Technology
Get paid to surf?

I can't believe this is back...


  • that'd be really nice. If anyone signs up I'd like to hear more.
  • I have mixed emotions about this one.

    As someone who does use web advertising to generate money, this company is essentially using a browser bar to serve ads to it's members. These ads bypass the ads on the website as the members will be told (more or less) to click on the ads in the browser bar rather than on the website.

    Unless you get in on the ground floor you will make nothing from this service.
  • How much are they offering? The page didn't really say aside from the stock options... which was odd.

    I think the main problem for them at least, is that it's going to run into the same problems it did the last time. That people are going to leave it on all the time whether they search or not, and people will figure out how to hack it and then they won't have to see any ads.
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