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Wii: Rayman Raving Rabbids

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Well I used my gift card to pick up Rayman Raving Rabbids and I am happy with my purchase. When I went into the store I did not see this game and I almost purchased WarioWare instead. While I was at the checkout I noticed an "overstock bookcase" and on it was the last copy of Rayman Raving Rabbids. I looked it over and decided it would be a better game for me than WarioWare.

This game, like WarioWare, is a collection of mini-games. There is a "Story" mode but it's nothing more than 4 mini-games and a boss challenge. As long as you can win 3 of the 4 mini-games you can take on the boss challenge. So far the boss challenge has been a rail shooter.

The thing is, this game is so bizarre that it is fun. It also uses the wii-mote and nunchuk in very interesting ways.

In the cow throwing game, yes there is a game where you throw a cow, you swing the wii-mote as hard as you can around your head so that you can throw a cow at least 60 feet. I just about threw my arm out playing this one but I managed to throw that beast a good 99.65 feet!

The dance beat games are fun. You have to move the nunchuk and wii-mote to the beat of the music. Do it well enough and you win.

The rail shooter involves you shooting plungers at rabbids. Yes, rabbids! It is a blast and you can play it as a co-op or competitive game. There is just something hilarious about these yelling and screaming rabbids all over the place dressed up in funny costumes.

I'll tell you right now that this game has no real plot. It is just a collection of mini-games... but they are fun mini-games!

Story mode is single player but, once you complete a "level" the games become unlocked for group play.


  • Ah, but you are just scratching the surface, my friend. I have had this game for many weeks, and I can tell you there are some fantastic games and hilarious jokes still to come. Also, multiplayer is great for almost any minigame. And the plunger shooting FPSes only get better and more insane. The only problem with this game is that, at times, it is too innovative. There is one particular game in which you must hold the wiimote up to your ear and listen to a metal detector in order to make it around the course. This does not work too well, and it is extremely frustrating, but it is worth it for the rest of the games. Overall, this is an extremely enjoyable title and everyone should pick it up to see what the Wii can really do.
  • So far, the only game I have not been able to beat is the one where you have to keep closing the 4 outhouse doors. I get as high as 45 seconds and lose... Is there a trick to the wrist motion with the nunchuk?
  • OH MY GOD THAT GAME IS FRUSTRATING!!! *ahem* There is no real trick. You line up the cursor and give the nunchuck a firm shake. Just one shake. If you shake repeatedly, it doesn't work. There are some really frustrating games in that set. But after that, they are really easy and fun.
  • The dance one was a pain for me at first. I have a problem in that there is no rhythm gene in my family...
  • I'm fine with there being no story, but my friends keep asking me 'why am I in a cell?', 'what's with the rabbits?', 'why do I have to rescue the frog?'. IT'S MINI GAMES! FORGET THE STORY! 'Why am I trying to keep toilet doors shut?', you just are, deal with it!

    Anyway I haven't played in a while, I had to move my Wii from the living room tv to my room and haven't plugged it in yet.
  • I am horrible at the rhythm games. I just have my friend beat them for me XD
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