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GeekNights 070410 - Solitaire and Simple Games

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Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss all of those little, simple games that the majority of "gamers" ignore or dismiss. In the news, John Romero is in the news (talking about PC games, the Wii, and how the Xbox and Playstation are doomed), and Namco Museum is coming to the DS.

Scott's Thing - Rouge-Link-Like
Rym's Thing - Most Frustrating Mario Ever


  • Also, you can now check out my flickr at ^_~
  • 404'd on the episode link.
  • 404'd on the episode link.
    Good god you people; it's uploading. ^_~
  • I am laughing so hard watching Most Frustrating Mario Ever. I have to show that to my mom.
  • I'm looking at the flickr and you sorta remind me of Alec Baldwin in Beetlejuice.
  • I feel so bad for all those caveman who tried playing "rock, paper, scissors" before paper and scissors were invented...
  • I'm looking at the flickr and you sorta remind me of Alec Baldwin in Beetlejuice.
    Nah, more like John Cusack in Being John Malkovich.
  • 1,200 feet is a hill. Talk to me when it hits 2,000 feet.
  • A mountain is a landform that extends above the surrounding terrain in a limited area. A mountain is generally steeper than a hill, but there is no universally accepted standard definition for the height of a mountain or a hill, although a mountain usually has an identifiable summit.
    Breakneck Ridge is a mountain along the Hudson River...
    Mountain - A natural elevation of the earth's surface having considerable mass, generally steep sides, and a height greater than that of a hill.
    Mountain - A landmass that projects conspicuously above its surroundings and is higher than a hill.
    Hill - A usually rounded natural elevation of land lower than a mountain
    BreakNeck Ridge and Storm King Mountain both meet all of these definitions. They are quite steep, not rounded, and furthermore substantially higher than neighboring Bull Hill.

    I stand by "mountain."
  • I feel so bad for all those caveman who tried playing "rock, paper, scissors" before paper and scissors were invented...
    They just played "man, gun, bear" with a spear instead of the gun.
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    How convenient that you left out of the Wikipedia entry the reference to Britannica's statement that a mountain is 2,000 feet or greater.

    None of the definitions you quoted give any idea as to what constitutes "greater than a hill." As such, the definitions are entirely useless. While there is no absolute criteria, most geological and/or geographical references use 2,000 feet as a general threshold. This can be "ignored" if the characteristics justify.

    If I recall correctly, aren't most of the hills in that area part of longer ridges? If so, this cuts against their mountain status.

    In any event... that mountain is a girly-man mountain compared to where I live. (But then again, the mountains where I live are girly-man mountains compared to the Rockies, Alps, Andes, etc.) Heck, I'm just jealous that you have no snow! I want to go climbing too! Even when our snow melts, we have a month or so of serious mud.
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    Does the train actually stop at the station photographed in this webpage? Is it just for hikers, because there sure doesn't seem to be much else there.

    I found the answer here. That's totally cool if you live in the city and don't have a car.
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  • Does the train actually stop at the station photographed inthis webpage? Is it just for hikers, because there sure doesn't seem to be much else there.
    I pass that station every day on the train to and from work. Trains do indeed stop there, but only a couple and only on weekends.

    Here's the info.
  • The station itself actually has an observation deck and other assorted fun near it. I'll snap some pictures today. ^_^
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    I was surprised to see you do a show on casual games, even though it was kinda light on that topic.

    I totally know where you're coming from, saying how gamers disregard them totally. I didn't respect any online games because most of them were CRAP!

    The only one that I actually liked, back before I started working, was Insane Squarium, because it was really addictive. ... But, for the most part, casual games were clones, and had these retarded cultural themes that were almost racist! They were really uncreative >.<!

    But<font color="#FF0000">, it makes it easy to make awesome games too. Only a few people are actually trying. ^_^. Now, I kinda play these types of games a lot. ... Well, not like the core audience, but just for reference for the games we work on. I was totally flattered that you mentioned Diner Dash: I worked on that game XD .... Well at leasts if you meant Diner Dash 1 and not like DD2 or DD3!
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    Wow, I truly disagree with you, Scott and Rym of GeekNights. When was the last time you heard a gamer say "Oh, I'm not gonna play that because it's a flash game"? Gamers aren't 'disdainful" towards flash game and the like, not at all. A better word might be 'over-look'. Gamers are generally caught up in their new the hotness FPS or new console game and aren't really concerned about flash games as much as the normal person would be, the one who checks every day for something new to play. Just because gamers don't actively go out of their way to play the sort of games you were talking about doesn't mean they avoid them or think they suck. I defy you to find someone who has ever played a game of Hearts, online or not, to say that that game doesn't have merits and depth and can't hold it's own as a game.

    [Edit] I still had 3 minutes left in the episode when I posted this. The use of Hearts as an example in my post was coincidental. I basically ran from my iPod to the computer when I heard Scrym start talkin' Hearts XD
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  • Dwarf Complete

    From digg originally. The game is a decent puzzle game, with simple controls. I completed it within an hour and 20 minutes on my first run through it, though it seemed a large number of people had problems with even the simplest of puzzles.

    Don't worry about it being in Japanese; knowledge of the language is unnecessary to be able to play it. I felt that the controls were pretty much self-explanatory.
  • Diner Dash rulz!
  • This episode was kinda funny for me because I was going to ask what everyone's favorite arcade game was here on the forums and I was going to say Galaga...

    Oh, and once I got to level 144 on Galaga after seeing a master get to level 70 and walk away. I spent at least $20. No lie.
  • Scott's Thing -Rouge-Link-Like

    Ughh... this spelling error is far too prevalent. It's spelled ROGUE. Rouge is a cosmetic.

    Also, roguelikes are amazing, and I am an admitted addict.
  • I'll have to confess here: I'm a Minesweeper addict.

    Sometimes I just have this craze to just listen to a podcast, laugh a lot. But only my ears are occupied so I play some Minesweeper or some random stuff on my Wii VC (like Bomberman '93 solo). So simetimes I just sit there for an hour and play Minesweeper.
  • I made a version of Minesweeper in Pascal for my Programming class.
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