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GeekNights 070507 - Computer Cases

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Tonight on GeekNights, Scrym talks a bit about computer cases. In the news, it’s Thailand vs. Youtube, and OSS programmers vs. Boredom!

Scott’s Thing - VR Defender
Rym’s Thing - Dorm Prank


  • OK, who turned on their DS at 20:24? (>_<)
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    I'm half Thai! I can answer something!

    Thai culture basically considers it disrespectful to place a lower body part above the head of another person. Obviously it's not a black and white rule and there are exceptions for family and plain old practicality. Putting your feet (lowest part of your body) above the head of the King (highest part of a very socially "high" person) shows enormous disrespect to the King and because he's the KING probably also authority in general.

    My boyfriend (who's very tall) got into trouble with my Mother (who is short and Thai) for passing a plate over her head while he was helping wash dishes. He wasn't aware of that particular rule and it didn't occur to me to mention it before then.

    The King IS (almost, I'm sure there's dissidents about the place) universally adored. The People absolutely LOVE him - he's been known to sneak about the country in plain-clothes to check up on things and endorses/manages/instigates an assload of projects geared towards agricultural advancement, education...that sort of thing. He supposedly doesn't mess with government unless it gets really fucked up (see: recent military coup). The various laws that demand the utmost of respect for the King are actually kept in place by the government - pretty sure the king himself has tried to get rid of them before. Most things that seem egomaniacal to us are, according to people I've asked when things strike me as odd (me being raised in an anglo-centric culture), actually put there by the government, The People, or some ancient tradition that is enforced by both the government and The People.

    A lot of people think he's only staying on the throne to keep it from the Crown Prince (generally thought to be a lazy ass) until he can get the relevant laws changed for it to fall to the Princess (who everyone loves almost as much as they love the King).
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  • So, is that Princess single?
  • Dude, you're getting sued. :)
  • You guys were talking about all that "old" hardware and you got me thinking.

    I still have some of those old plug keyboards. I even bought an adapter at one point because I have this great old Pentium machine that I used to use as a web server. I also have one I used as a Smoothwall router simply because it had the ability to ignore the keyboard error on boot-up!
  • So, is that Princess single?
    Hm, I believe so. To be honest, I don't actually follow the movements of Thai royalty. Everything I know is from people and media GUSHING at me whenever I visit Thailand. Seriously, people love the King so much. It is kind of creepy. On my most recent visit I had to wear yellow for a few days because it was the King's birthday and that's his colour. Yellow people (in a non-racial sense, lol) EVERYWHERE.
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    The King in Yellow?

    Wait a minute. Something smells fishy here. Fishy in a Deep Ones sort of way if you get my drift.

    That dorm prank would have been even better if after the kid left they put all his stuff back in the room just the way it was before!
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  • Rym,

    Would you be willing to post a newegg wishlist of the computer you put together? I'm also looking at an E6600 system, and am up in the air about the motherboard and, to a lesser degree, the RAM. Plus, I'm kinda curious what you bought...
  • RymRym
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    I'll post it when I get home.

    However, the relevant bits are:

    Abit AB9 Pro Motherboard
    2x1GB OCZ DDR-800 1.8V 5-5-5-12 RAM
    Intel E6600 CPU

    I don't have anything but my case yet, so I can't actually speak as to how wise these decisions may have been.
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  • This computer case has got to have the worst cooling ever.
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