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Perfect Timing

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This morning I got my setup information for my new dedicated server. So, guess what happens 4 hours later?

Yep, my current hosting company just vanished!

My site is now down and I can't access it. The hosting companies site is down, their phone numbers do not work. Did something happen in CA this morning?

ipowerweb sucks


  • A winner is you.
  • I got through on their 800 line. According to them "some" of their customers are affected by this "network problem". Yeah, they are part of the some as their website is also dead!

    Did something happen in CA today?
  • Nothing I know of happened in CA this morning... Pretty sure they fucked up somehow.
  • They were down for 3 hours!

    Now that I have my server I've been digging into it and setting up account templates. Next stop is DNS records!
  • Nothing happened in California. Don't let them tell you earthquake stories or anything.
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