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Best Video Game Rendering of Chuck Norris

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We all agree that Soul Caliber 3 Chuck Norris is impressive.
Although I think that Elder Scrolls Oblivion Chuck Norris is better than Soul Caliber 3 Chuck Norris.



  • Sure, its a better likeness, but where's the devastating roundhouse?

    Roundhouse = Norris.
    Girly punching != Norris.

    Soul Caliber 3 Norris > Oblivion Norris.
  • Oblivion Norris kills a broken fisherman who is asking for help with his bare hands while Soul Caliber 3 Norris fights an opponent fully prepared for what might happen.

    In pure Chuckery, Oblivion Chuck Norris is better.
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    Soul Caliber 3 Chuck Norris is more accurate.
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  • Oblivion Chuck Norris only does wimpy punches while SCIII Chuck only does roundhouse kicks. SCIII CChuck Norris is better.
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