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The Scott Show

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Be honest, how was the Scott show?


  • It started out rough, with more than the usual amount of ums and ahs, but once you got going it was ok. Although without the banter between you and Rym, part of the feel was missing.
  • I agree with EsonLingi, the beginning was rough (you said 'and' almost every other word instead of starting a new sentence/train of thought) and it sounded like you were nervous too. Once you got into the swing of things it sounded better, despite the not so great audio quality.

    When you spelled out the website you sounded like William Shatner.
  • It was great although I sensed that you were overly concerned with the lack of audio editing/refinement. I think you guys get too hung up on the production quality of the show and discount the real reason why Geeknights is good. It's your personalities, attitudes and sense of humor that make Geeknights worth listening to. You could be talking into soup cans tied together with string and I would listen.

    Speaking of the show, I think the teen cell phone story is totally fake for two reasons. First, can cell phones even reproduce sound at that frequency? Second, why would anyone use a tone that sounds like ear piercing armageddon for a ringtone? That sound was designed to annoy and irritate people. Using that for a ringtone is like watching the tricked out versions of the Initial D episodes on purpose. You only annoy yourself and anyone else in the immediate vicinity.
  • Yes, cell phones can probably reproduce those noises. Remember, a normal speaker is a magnet bouncing back and forth. You can send any frequency of electricity to it, and it will play. Of course, speakers of different shapes and sizes are better at producing different frequencies of sound. But just because something is outside the range of your hearing doesn't mean it's an "extreme" frequency that technology cannot produce.

    I'm sure that the ringtone isn't being used all over the place by every kid. But I do believe that some kids are using it somewhere. People take medicine despite side effects. Kids will defy their teachers even if it means hearing annoying sounds.
  • Also keep in mind that the sound only really drives the teens away because of how loud it is. The cell phone ringer is much lower volume if for no other reason then the speaker in the phone is so tiny.
  • Not a bad show Scott. I do agree with the consensus that something (ie Rym) was missing. Suggestion: Next time maybe have Scott Johnson on or another Front Row Crew member you guys have mentioned or even someone from the forums. That would be interesting.
  • In the past, we've recorded an extra main bit ahead of time for nights where one of us is travelling, so that the other only has to do a news bit on his own. We've simply been too busy to get ahead, so Scott was stuck.
  • The Scott show wasn't awful but the sound quality was noticeably worse than normal. If you hadn't set the bar so high already I probably wouldn't have noticed but it sounded like he had a horrible cold or something. Maybe a tutorial on the compressor would be in order before your next con, Rym.
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