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GeekNights 20101103 - Eden of the East

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Tonight on GeekNights, we review Eden of the East, which Rym has been watching legally. In the news, Thundercats is getting a revival with Studio 4C.

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    I was in shock and awe when I watched those videos. All these hidden memories came back to me when I remember watching these shows. I look at them now and just think "WTF!?"
  • I was in shock and awe when I watched those videos. All these hidden memories came back to me when I remember watching these shows. I look at them now and just think "WTF!?"
    Similar feelings here! I didn't watch those shows specifically, but I did grow up with Video & Arcade Top 10 in Canada, and that show had a very similar feel to the shows highlighted here (more Video Power than the other one). I didn't play many of the games featured on it, but I loved watching the kids on the show play them, and the hosts were a ton of fun. Lots of fond memories there.
  • Never heard of Machinae Supremacy, I will check them out.
  • EotE ultimately suffered from a lack of focus considering the short episodes. If they had cut out the NEET parts and focused on Takigawa and Saki's relationship with the Selecao game like the first two episodes, it would be in my top ten easily. The movies are ridiculously slow and resolves very little, I wish EotE was a 26 episode series instead.
  • I think the Machinae Supremacy's song 'World of Light' is a reference to Final Fantasy 3/6. You start off in the World of Light, then after Kefka does his shit you get put into the World of Ruin.
  • I just finished Eden of the East this past weekend. I think if they had cut out the plot with Saki's friends/club members they could have done a lot more with the main plot. I also think the show should have been longer so they could have fleshed out all the plot points they tried to address. I haven't seen the movies yet but I heard negative things about them so I'm not sure if or when I'll tackle those.
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    Eden of the East is on Hulu, and also on Funimation.

    That opening theme (the non-Oasis one) is trash, but the ending is SO GOOD!

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  • I watched Eden of the East yesterday and it was really, really good. I definitely don't regert buying the show sight unseen. And as I on occasionally do, re-listening to the episode right now and it helped with the clue that the character designer for the show was the person who made Honey & Clover, because I constantly thought that Akira looks way too much like Morita for H&C and I watched H&C right before I watched EotE.

    Anyway, I'll probably go out and buy the first movie today after work.

    Oh, and the reason why they speak such good english in the first episode: Because they hired american actors!
  • I think I should add a comment to this.

    I had the fantastic opportunity to see all of Eden of the East at a cinema in Japanese subbtitled in HD at Sci-Fi London and there Oktoberfest's. Now that is THE way to see it!

    Sci-Fi London is a FANTASTIC small film festival held in London twice a year, they have an anime all-nighter every time that I've been to a the last few times.

    Here is how I saw then. First the whole series in one night at Oktoberfest 2010 (they also showed Nausicaa of the valley of the wind & The cat returns). Then at Sci-Fi London 10 Eden of the East: Air Communication & Eden of the East the Movie I (the also showed Akira, Redline & 2001 Nights: Fumihiko Sori's: To). Then only last weekend at I went to Oktoberfest 2011 and say the second film and ending to the story Eden of the East: Paradise Lost (again they also showed Jin Roh: The wold brigade, Welcome to the space show, Tekken: Blood Vengence & Trigun: Badlands rumble).

    You really need to see the films if you want to finish the story and if you want questions answered (think about it, it adds about three hours to the story, so thats a good 6 or 7 extra episodes). The films Air Communication is the series cut down to a two hour film, done pretty will I might add.

    I can see some people still being unhappy with the ending of the second film as it's very Japanese and dosen't tell you everything and give everyone a happy ending. I really liked it.

    On a side note the whole Oasis theme and the different theme is because of the copyright rights of the Oasis track.

    I also really like the ending animation of the TV series.
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