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GeekNights 20101207 - Rampart

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Tonight on GeekNights, Red Commander surrounds castle walls to stay alive with the classic Rampart! But first, an impassioned plea for a proper turn system in Civ V, excitement about the newest Golden Sun, and a discussion of whether people are truly abandoning portable consoles for iPhones.

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  • A PlayStation 3 port was released on the PlayStation Network on May 10, 2007. Although it is mostly identical to the arcade version, it also supports internet multiplayer play.
  • Ah Dresden Codak, my favorite webcomic.
  • Fuck those game cube controls.
  • Dresden Codak rocks
  • a1sa1s
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    there is a freeware remake of Rampart (in my traditional philistine way, this was actually the game I played first ;) ) called Kajaani Kombat:
    There is net-play (for up to 4 players, up to 2 of them on 1 machine), but no mouse control (the game is controlled exclusively by keyboard, which is what makes hot-seat possible).
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  • Finnish?
    Also, Kajaani is a town that is a sister city of Marquette MI, where my parents used to live.
  • Finnish?
    Don't be so surpised, many good games have come out of Finland. (Though I can only recall Starfight at the moment, and I'm to lazy to Google this)
  • I'm not. Just making an observation.
  • Don't be so surpised, many good games have come out of Finland.
    I'm thinking fondly of Liero right now.
  • Don't be so surpised, many good games have come out of Finland.
    I'm thinking fondly ofLieroright now.
    Oh Liero. You are so awesome.
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    Brilliant!! I have so many memories of multiplayer Rampart, I've long lamented why there is no sequel or remake to this! Shall try the Finnish variety!

    One thing you did not mention (correct me if I'm wrong), it may only have been on my DOS PC version: The Propaganda Balloon. At the cost of a few cannons, you get a propaganda balloon. At the start of the round, it floats to a random enemy cannon, drops it's crap on it. Then DURING that round, you have a cannon INSIDE the enemy walls, and you can go to town with it ripping apart that castle very quickly.

    Oh yeah, did you guys mention the execution bit at the end? The final scene has your defeated foe in the guillotine, and pressing a key unleashes it as the screen fades to red! Just one last way to rub it in.
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