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Radio Free Equestria 08 - Changeling Origins

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Coming to you live from the Everfree Forest, it's Radio Free Equestria! Join Rym and Scott, the hosts of GeekNights (, bringing you the news and commentary our dear Princess Celestia doesn't want you to see! My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but power reigns supreme.

Just what are the Changelings? Where did they come from? Are they tied in any way to Ponies?

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  • You really upped the production values on this one, Rym. It was a really good job and an interesting discussion. Have either of you seen Star Trek Deep Space 9? They have a changeling race there as well and it might be an interesting addition to the discussion
  • You really upped the production values on this one, Rym.
    The compliment is appreciated. Video is hard shit, yo.

  • Cross-posting this, due to contamination of the main MLP thread:

    I'm inclined to agree with Rym here - a strong tie between changelings and ponies looks like the best explanation. In fact, they may even be unable to change into non pony-like forms.

    The other interesting thing is, where and how have the changelings have been feeding up until they decided to attack Equestria? Have they been ravaging other countries, or hiding within Equestria and consuming love only in small amounts to remain unnoticed, or something else?
  • Video is hard shit, yo.

    Truer words were never spoken this is why I like live video LAZINESS ACCEPTABLE!
  • Live video does not excuse lack of punctuation.
  • We've got some more coming. I've been compiling some supercuts of certain show elements to analyze lately.
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