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GeekNights Wednesday - Attack on Titan Season 1

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Tonight on GeekNights, we bring some spoiler-filled final thoughts on season one of Attack on Titan. If you haven't seen it yet, just watch it: it's this season's Fullmetal Alchemist. We also preview Kill La Kill, which might be Studio Trigger's Evangelion. It hearkens to shows like Apocalypse Zero and Otokojuku, with hints of Utena and Trigun-looking big guys. Oh, Teen Titans Go is sort of worth watching too!

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    What's in the basement!!!?


    OVA in December 9, 2013 (wikipedia)
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  • Done in one.
  • One shortcoming of the series - I can't think of any sweet catchphrases or even quotable lines. "WHAT DO YOU SEE?", "Make the impossible possible", et cetera.
  • "THIS IS...BREAD!"
    Anything by Sasha is pretty quotable.

  • Teen Titans Go! is pretty awful. I think it's jumping on the Marvel bandwagon of Superheroes need to be entirely slapstick silly.
  • They use to have a good thing going.

  • Wait a minute Dazzle I'm confused at the point you just made. Generally Marvel stuff is pretty serious unless it's a comedy show (like Super hero squad) or because the hero is a wise cracker (Ultimate Spider-man). Other then that mostly Marvel stuff and specifically any attempts to do X-men have always been serious.
  • Teen Titans Go! is pretty awful. I think it's jumping on the Marvel bandwagon of Superheroes need to be entirely slapstick silly.
    I don't mind it. Really, you have to go into it with the expectation of it being very different to the original Teen Titans show, despite being based on it.

  • Cremlian, yes, but just not done as well.

    Those animations were great for introducing the complexities of morality and science fiction to kids. That Batman still holds up. Xmen is still a classic.
  • Clearly you didn't see Wolverine and the X-men and then you'd realize that the original x-men is trash :-p
  • Teen Titans Go! works if you don't have any investment in the characters from before or now. I think it just emphasizes on everything that was bad of the previous show with the forced humor or super-deformed art style. Every reaction is an overreaction; everything is taken into extremes. Humor doesn't need things to be likable, but it's just loud and annoying with each individual episode.
  • I like Teen Titans Go because I've never liked any other Teen Titans thing that's ever been done.
  • I liked the original Teen Titans cartoon but the pseudo-anime bullshit still annoyed me a lot. Its too bad Young Justice got cancelled, as that looks more like what Teen Titans should have been. One side-note, I always asked "But what about Batman?" when watching Teen Titans.
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