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GeekNights Wednesday - The Boy and the Beast

Tonight on GeekNights, we review Mamoru Hosoda's The Boy and the Beast. As with almost every anime movie we review, it's definitely worth seeing. Zootopia is fantastic, and Azumanga Daioh is on Hulu. Stay tuned for us live at Anime Boston, Zenkaikon, and PAX East!

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  • Did anyone else hear the opening theme of Undertale in their head when Rym and Scott were talking about the human world and the beast world?

  • I'd definitely watch a Zootopia reskin of Law and Order! Especially if it also had an SVU spin off. Curious as to what animal Ice T would be? Also what sort of crimes there'd be in a universe with no genitals?
  • Uhh, no thanks.
  • The guy who did Cowboy BEEP-BOOP! made another Cowboy Bebop video as part of his new "So This is Basically" series:

  • Bong! Great. XD
  • Watched The Boy and the Beast today. Mamoru Hosoda continues to bat 1.000 as he has since The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. He may be overusing his signature lateral tracking shot though. The only real criticism I have is that the antagonist lacks motivation. It is thankfully not as obvious as you'd think at first because initially you'd assume Jiromaru to become the antagonist, but it isn't really well explained why or how Ichirohiko suddenly turns evil, only somewhat handwaved. It would have been much better to establish more parallels between him and Kyuta and track the development of both. Still, I think overcoming your own dark impulses and growing as a person by doing so is well represented here in Ichirohiko playing the dark version of Kyuta.

    Also, has anybody noticed that Hosoda continues to increase the number of animal-hybrid characters in his movies? TGWLTT had none, Summer Wars had a couple but they were just virtual avatars of other characters, Ame & Yuki had three such characters, and TB&TB has a whole society of them. His next movie will probably cross the Disney Robin Hood Event Horizon.
  • Hosoda, secret furry king?
  • Just FYI, I only listened to the episode just now and found it funny that that some of the points I made in my post are the same as in the episode with basically the same wording ("batting 1.000").
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