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GeekNights 20100428 - Comics From The MoCCA

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Tonight on GeekNights we review a bunch of the comics we got at the MoCCA Festival, and go on many tangents. In the news, Bang Zoom to cease dubbing and Garo at The Center For Book Arts.

Comics we discuss include:

  • Crazy Lady by Chris Brown
  • Hush by Mara Sternberg
  • The Art of Becky Dreistadt (Tiny Kitten Teeth)
  • Shapes: The New Brethren by McQuade/Sallese
  • Kattan the Spider by Aya Rothwell
  • Hero's Journey by Becky Laff
  • Mirror Mind -


  • In a boldfaced statement in the editorial, Sherman wrote that "anime is going to die."
    I audibly laughed.
  • You know, the only truly awful dubbing company is 4Kids. FUNimation and ADV generally do a good job. Not necessarily always amazing, but pretty good most of the time. Bandai does decently. Only Viz and 4Kids are usually subpar.
  • Oh man you guys haven't watched the second season of Higurashi? You, so need to. It starts out kind of like the first season and then it blows your mind.
  • Ugh, Higurashi... I'll admit, right now, that I watched all of the first season. I ignored the crap moe elements, and really liked the fairly disturbing general plotline, as well as the extremely fast pace. For those of you who don't know, the anime essentially tells the same story, multiple times, from different perspectives. Every four episodes or so, the show basically starts over with everything back to normal, and it follows the same formula each time. Fine by me.

    Near the end, though, the show started to throw some slight elements at me which caught me off-guard, and I started to question the actual story at hand. Basically, the show started to try explaining *why* everything was repeating, and happening the way it did. I would have been happy taking it at face-value, and it could have been pretty good if the explanation at the end of the show wasn't COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT.

    Whelp, it was. Fuck that show.
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