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Needs its own thread now.

Just watched the latest episode. Glad I wasn't on that show because I would have been that "fuck these stupid ducks" guy. The Baltimore ones are probably the worst, but I hate them in every city in which I see them. The only thing I don't like about New York is when it's cold, and when there is stupid tourist shit. Don't follow me around stupid tourist shit!

Still really liking how Amy plays to win, even though she didn't win. Also, sponsor prizes are off the chain. Lexxy can definitely go home with a big smile, even if she doesn't win the big prize.


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    Still really liking how Amy plays to win
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  • What is this?
  • What is this?
  • What is this?
    It's a project by Penny Arcade. Basically it's The Apprentice for webcomic artists. 12 expiring artist. Reality TV game show. A year being featured on Penny Arcade for the winner plus some amount of money ($50k?).

    You can watch it on YouTube or their website.
  • 12 Expiring Artist?
  • 12 Expiring Artist?
    Is this run by PA or a mortician?

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    I mean "aspiring". Not sure why I wrote that.
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  • I watched the first 4 episodes and I find this show so boring. I loves comics and I am a fan of some of these people, but this show is just so boring. I even love shows about creating things like Project Runway and Work of Art. Why does this so seem so lacking.
  • I really wanted to like this show but yeah just fell a bit flat for me. That and I was a bit ehish about the whole "aspiring artists" most of them seemed to be pretty good or at least well known. I would have preferred it if it had been real no name people but people like Erica Moen seem pretty well know and established.
  • I thought this had to do with naked people, I have now lost all interest in the thread.
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    I am so going to watch this.

    ... Am I the only one who thought the blindfolds looked like tiny bras?
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  • ... Am I the only one who thought the blindfolds looked like tiny bras?
  • THE DUCKS! I haven't done those yet.
  • Tried watching this but it was really painful...
  • Tried watching this but it was really painful...
    From the forced way everyone socialized? I can identify with that awkwardness, though. It would be a weird situation.
    "Oh sweet, pudding!"
  • Yeah the first episode sucked. The rest are a lot better.
  • I feel about this like I do about most of these reality television contests. I don't care about the actual challenges, I just want to see talented people doing what they're talented at.

    I don't care about giant duck boats and quizzes about Seattle, I just want to see cartoonists doing art stuff. Same goes for cooking shows, etc.
  • I was about to make a quip about taking my clothes off as soon as the police got me to the station. I wasn't expecting this at all.
  • All I care about is the challenges in a reality competition, in hope that they'll either be A) skilled people showing off their skills or B) Double Dare.

    I posted before about how the production quality made the first 4 videos ("episode 1") painful to watch. I will say that things seems a tiny bit better in the first part of episode 2. Hoping it continues in that direction.
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    Do you think they've done all the editing and post-production for the whole show and are just doing a timed release, or are they still able to tweak things for future episodes based on viewer feedback?
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  • I'm okay with everything so far but it is not pulling me in episode to episode.
  • Props to Mike and Jerry for the most entertaining elimination process I've ever seen on a reality show.
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    I wish they wouldn't break up the episodes so much. The reason those long intros work in traditional reality TV is that the episodes are an hour and have lots of content (for instance, episodes 2, 3, & 4 would have been all one episode on TV). If they are only going to be 15 minutes, the intro needs to be shorter. I am sick of seeing the artists' faces and names against the coastline every 15 minutes. It doesn't help me remember who they are; it's just a waste of air time. Even Project Runway stopped doing the individual introductions in the title sequence because NO ONE CARES.

    ETA: This is my only beef. Other than that, it's casually entertaining.
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  • Yeah, the intro sequence is getting pretty redundant. And even though the show airs twice a week, it still feels like it's moving very slowly because instead of one elimination every week, we get one elimination every week and a half.
  • I fast forward past the intro every time. I also agree that I just want to see the artists doing art. I really don't care about seeing them ride duck boats and shit.
  • Well, that's what a challenge-based reality show is. You should just look for videos of super art fight.
  • Katie on the chopping block yet again. That's gotta be painful. I'm surprised Mac wasn't chosen. He seems to me like the most boring person on the planet. I also wonder when people are going to catch onto Amy.

    Interviews were interesting. Probably the most bizarre moment was with Erika. Just WTF?

    So far I liked the first elimination episode the best. Hopefully the second one will be as good.
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    Do you think the elimination will be the same idea every time?

    I thought that in the last elimination both comics were pretty bad, but I like Katy, and I think that she has potential. She's certainly not bad enough to send to the elimination twice in a row! Sheesh!

    Is Ty getting set up to get taken out like Alex in the first elimination, or do they legitimately hate Katy?
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  • I'm still wondering where the Magic The Gathering sponsorship comes in. The most obvious thing would of course be them being tasked with creating art for a card, but that seems like way too much work for a single episode or task.
  • Do you think the elimination will be the same idea every time?
    Well, we can see from the preview that they're definitely drawing something, and it's pretty reasonable to assume that the better art, as judged by Mike & Jerry, will win - at that point, the idea that they'll be using concepts from the Wastebasket of Broken Dreams seems a pretty safe assumption, no?
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