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  • Sorry but...huh??
    Digging up a podcast is similar to Grassroots political movement.
  • Hi, my name is David, and I was surprised to see that this name was open for use. I found Geek Nights while searching for podcasts to listen to at work last July and I've been a loyal listener since then. I work for a very large telecommunication company doing technical support. I'm currently searching for options on what I want to do with the rest of my life. Right now I am leaning towards going back to school to get a real degree.

    I'm also a published writer, and I am working on getting more stuff published.
  • Hi, I'm Kytri, this is my first post. I'm 23 and I live in Virginia. I like anime and games and shit; Utena is probably my favorite anime ever. I'm studying psychology in college so I can torture and manipulate people become an art therapist.
    Oh, and sometimes I draw things.
  • Hello, my name is Brandon. I am a 19 year old sophomore at Lamar University double majoring in Computer Science and History. I discovered GeekNights by chance on the day Digg launched its podcast section. I must say that the show is one of the best podcasts I have listened to--especially when compared to CNET's Buzz Out Loud, which seems to be popular among TechTV mourners like myself. I am a tech geek, primarily, with touches of video game and anime geekery. I also happen to be a bookworm and history nut. I usually spend my free time on podcasts and Digg, as well as gaming, reading, and schoolwork.

    I also take pictures sporadically, and put them up on Flickr. I'm not very good, though.
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    Also, I would like to buy Rym and Scott a beer should they ever find themselves in Austin.
    Scott is a teetotaler and is offended by your offer. He pounds your head into the ground. You dead.

    /Peasant's Quest FTW
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  • Hey, I'm John. I'm 16 years old and from the central belt of Scotland. I'm in my 5th year of High School (the period of time that's classed as High School being somewhat different in Scotland).
    I started listening to your podcast a few days ago due to a combination of a few things: firstly it was recommended on Movies You Should See; I've been getting into podcasts lately, I find it to be an interesting medium, like public access radio and I like most of the stuff you guys talk about.
    The only one of your podcasts that I haven't started listening to yet is the Wednesday one which I'll probably start tonight, since I enjoy anime when it's good just as much as any other form of entertainment and I own a few box sets and movies on DVD but I find it difficult to know what's worth seeing. I'm intrigued to hear what you two say I should check out that I haven't seen/read already.
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    I'm Steve. I'm a 34-year-old skeptic and atheist from Atlanta. My interests are varied and include many of the topics that are discussed on the podcast. I am not very outgoing and have difficulty composing an interesting description of myself.
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    Hello all,

    I'm Elizabeth. I'm a 21 year old communications studies major at UCLA with an emphasis in computers. Basically, that means that I know a little more about computers than the average Comm. St. student but nowhere near as much as many of you.

    I'm the secretary for my school's anime club and was recently elected to be web-master. (I must say I'm a whiz when it comes to campaigns. Last year I couldn't run after a car hit me while I was crossing the street. And this year I no competition.) I also organized and lead a cosplay group at Anime Los Angeles.

    I was first directed to GeekNights from that podcast of hate: Anime World Order. (Not to say I hate them; I love them. They just seem to hate everyone else.) GeekNights quickly became my favorite podcast. I can't wait to play some choice clips for my sisters once spring break roles around. (Yes, I have two sisters and I often talk about them instead of the initial subject.) At first, I only listened to the anime and manga episodes but I branched out since most episodes are fun to listen to. I usually listen when I'm working on photoshop or sewing.

    I'm sure there is plenty more for me to talk about, but - for the sake of your sanity and my Comm. St. 10 final grade tomorrow - we will save it for another day.
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  • My name is Jeremy. Sorry, I would put in a long, drawn out description of me, but I can't think of anything...
  • Hey all,

    I'm Rob (26 years old), from Dublin, Ireland. Into anime, manga (somewhat) and various geeky computery things. Found this podcast through the promos on Anime World Order, really liked your episode on Initial D - Eurobeat ftw!

    I've been messing about with computers since I was 13 or so, and did a degree in Computer Science from DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology), followed up with a masters in security and forensic computing from DCU (Dublin City University). I work in HEAnet, which is Ireland's national research and education network - I think Internet2 or Abilene (??) in the states would be roughly equivalent.
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    Howdy (and I SWEAR, that is the only time you will ever hear me say that...), my name is Walter Vieira Bettencourt III, but most people call me Wally. I'm 27 years old, and I live in southern Alabama. I have one of the coolest jobs imaginable, more or less: the military throws money at me to climb around the coolest helicopters in the world and tell them if I think anything is broken on them. I'm a civilian aircraft mechanic working under contract for the U.S. Army. I'm also a really big nerd, both physically and figuratively: 6'5, 275lbs. And, while it's not all muscle, a large amount is. I grew up a military brat in Germany, and until recently, I wondered where my parents found all those weird board games from when I was little.

    Big anime nerd. Huge pc/console nerd. Ginormous sci-fi/fantasy fan. Other than my standard nerd interests, I tend to either build cheap scca solo I cars, or work on sports bikes. Don't have either right now; got rid of everything to pay off some bills. I have a live in girlfriend who is totally awesome, in addition to being super hot AND a nerd, I kid you not. Don't ask me, I have NO idea how I lucked out on that one.

    I don't have a degree, seeing as I dropped out of college twice. Apprenticed in to my current job, and seeing as I've been there over 6 years now, I'm not really too worried about needing one (I'm union, and I'm also half-way up the seniority list in a 3500+ employee company).
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  • I'm Zack. I live in the venerable Carolina of the North, which I'll probably move out of as soon as I can. I'm now 15 years old. My favorite music spans Death Cab for Cutie, the Postal Service, Switchfoot, Pedro the Lion, and Days Away (to a point, but most of their songs fall into ehhh, except "God and Mars"). Death Cab is great alternative with a hint of electronica (while the Postal Service is electronica with a hint of alternative).

    I used to do the Metroid Nation podcast, but I realize the error of my ways, though I'm still interested in podcasting once I get older. I've been playing games since around 1998 when I got my Gameboy Color and Pokemon Blue. I'm not a Pokemon fan anymore though. I love Zelda, Metroid, Civilization, and Galaga. I've got good memories of a lot of old games (including Chip's Challenge, the grand puzzlers of old). I'm still waiting for my chance to seize a Wii, but I have already bought 3 games and a controller.

    I'm really not into anime or real technical things at all; in fact, after gaming, my favorite GeekNight is Thursday because I like hearing Rym and Scott talk about good old times at RIT and during their younger years. I'm a big podcast fan in general. I'm sort of edging my way into board games; I've got Carcassonne and Settlers of Cataan, and I'm really interested in more, but I find them somewhat expensive.

    I'm looking at being an author when I grow up, mostly fiction but also some abstract nonfiction. Sometimes I come up with crazy extreme ideas that may not technically be correct, but are correct in the general sense. I've actually tried to write some so far, but nothing has really come out... at least nothing worth noting...

    I'm sort of a weird blub when it comes to politics; I've got this mindset that government must be perfect. I'm rather liberal, but I'm very much for changing our government's operation in substantial ways. My dad calls me a Libertarian, but I don't think that's me. I've just got an abstract idea of politics, which is what I stick to. I really don't get much news at all. I just don't care.

    And I'm not atheist (I know I am now tagged).
  • Ello,

    I'm Bonnie (...or Bunny) ^.^ I'm currently only 15 years old... which means I pretty much can't do anything. But don't get me wrong, I hate being treated as an "immature kid"... Don't be fooled by my apparent lack of common sense though, I'm actually smart ^.~ . I'm currently a sophomore, and I plan to become an architect or an airline pilot (I know... two WAY different careers...). I still am unsure of what college I want to go to, but I was looking at U.C. Berkley (and am still open to suggestions!). Listening to Geeknights has made me want to go to RIT, even though it has nothing to do with what I want to major in... T.T'

    I'm really into trying new things, and being independent. I'll never pass up the chance to go on a roller coaster, or do something exciting ^.^ . I like to doodle chibi's, and photoshop them for my own amusement. I love to watch anime and read manga, and I guess I'm into technology too. My favorite Geeknights are Wednesdays and Thursdays. Although I'm young, I tend to like the anime and manga reviewed in Geeknights (just got To Terra, they actually had it at Borders 0_0).

    Politics... well, I'm a democrat. Not much else to say. I don't really like to argue about politics, but when provoked, and can get vicious. =K
  • I don't really like to argue about politics, but when provoked, and can get vicious.
    Lawl. I just noticed that we have a really hard-core political crowd on this forum. I wonder if it scares off new people...
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    Lawl. I just noticed that we have a really hard-core political crowd on this forum. I wonder if it scares off new people...
    Politics aren't scary, unless you live in Iraq.
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  • Hi, i'm One Sin.

    I was born on May 20, 1984 and i'm a Cali gal'.

    My hobbies include watching anime, playing video games, reading manga, and listening to podcasts.

    I'm a former AP fan. I used to like it, but after a certain point, it sucked quite badly. Besides, at that point, Fast Karate and AWO were vastly superior.

    I'm a writer and in my spare time, I run a forum, blog, and edit a podcast.
  • Hello there, party people!

    My name is Nikita. And yes, before you ask, that is my real given name. I presently reside in Reno, Nevada. I was born in Sacramento, California in 1978, and I am, in fact, male (though I can understand the confusion). I have worked in a menial, servile job for a number of years, and mostly I'm o.k. with it; however, I'm about to head back to university for a degree in Journalism (specializing in Information Science).

    Anyway, my geek bona fides: owned a computer since 1983, successful enabler of multiple Settlers of Catan addicts, compiler of (to my knowledge) the first ever NES game list on Usenet, and sci-fi convention goer since elementary school. My parents owned a book and video store that specialized in genre fiction (especially sci-fi and fantasy), and their fandom was such that they sponsored the local broadcasts of Dr. Who on PBS; thus, mine is the story of full geek immersion.

    My first Anime convention was Expo '91, and my first non-Robotech anime experience was watching untranslated second-generation copies of Macross: Do You Remember Love? and Gundam: Stardust Memories. This led to the saga of many late 80's/early 90's anime fans: taking whatever crap dubs were thrown at us, dealing with the wonky distribution systems of fansub organizations, sitting in a viewing room at 3 a.m. trying to follow the plot of the last three OAVs of Record of Lodoss War in all their raw, untranslated glory only to have the third generation copy lose all sound for the last fifteen get the idea.

    I also have written movie, music and comic reviews for several web sites, though I haven't done much of that for a couple of years (hoping to start again soon).

    Anyway, been a fan since I heard about GeekNights on Anime World Order about four or five months ago, and thus far, have back-tracked through to April 2006. Figured I'd join the forums and see what's what.
  • My name is Alex Rubin. Im 20 years old from Trumbull, CT. I now go to school at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI. My brother, Scott, is the host of geeknights.
  • Hello fellow GeekNights fans. My name is Ryan. I live in Columbia, MD (it's about twenty minutes from Baltimore). I was born November 24, 1989. I guess I could be considered a "punk kid." At the time of typing this, I am a junior in High School.

    My hobbies include anime, manga, video games, art, music, Disney theme park history, and movies. My favorite anime/manga are Genshiken, Eyeshield 21, Bleach, One Piece, and Azumanga Daioh. (I love Shonen fighting shows, but only in manga form). My favorite video games are Final Fantasy VII, Jump Ultimate Stars, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced. My favorite bands are Queen, Aerosmith, and Led Zeppelin.

    I listen to a lot of podcasts. The anime podcasts I listen to all four nights of GeekNights, Anime World Order, Fast Karate, Otaku Generation, Greatest Movie EVER, and Ninja Consultants. I also listen to some Disney park podcasts such as Window to the Magic, Inside the Magic, and the Meandering Mouse.

    I hope to talk to all of you soon.
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    Hello everyone
    I'm from Lima, Peru (some of you might be wondering where the heck is Peru). Peru is a great country located in South America. We do have electricity (many people think we still have huts for living :S ). Hmmmm... we do have some technology (I have a DS Lite, main reason I joined this forum). Well, nice to meet you all !!
    Hobbies: watching TV, reading, programming, movies, music, etc etc etc. Hope to make some friends here.


    P.S. If you're still wondering where Peru is.. listen to this... M - a - c - c - h - u - P - i - c - c - h - u (thats a common joke here)
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  • Welcome to the forums my good sir :D
  • Hello everyone
    I'm from Lima, Peru
    Hey welcome to the forums, I'm from Mexico, I remember when I was in like 4th grade we had an event where we had to set up a booth based on different countries that were members of the OEA (organization of American states) and I got Peru it was fun I learned a lot about the country and had to dress in traditional cloths and had to make traditional meals and stuff like that.
  • I'm Raquor in various forms across the interwebs. I briefly dabbled in Podcasting with a Wii podcast but quickly lost interest in something that felt more like work than it should. I'm a half-asser, which means that I pretty much half-ass everything, including my geekiness. I just can't be bothered to care, resulting in a complete lack of self-motivation. I do just what is necessary to keep myself entertained. This does occasionally result in me being extremely bored but more often than not I find something to distract me.

    I listen to Geeknights because it's super awesome! I talk primarily to people that entertain me or are somehow related to me, if you satisfy one of those two qualifications congratulations...otherwise...go away.
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    I've been in these forums for a long time, and I have not yet posted here.

    Hey, I'm Rob, I'm 16. I like most every type of rock music. I'm currently running Ubuntu. I own an N64, GameCube, DS, Wii, and every incarnation of the GameBoy. I have a 5G iPod. My cell phone is the much more improved little brother of the infamous N-Gage, the N-Gage QD. Read tons of manga, not as many comics. I love anime and cartoons in general. Jhonen Vasquez and They Might Be Giants is awesome. I've learned Basic(gross...) and am now learning Python, Perl, and a little C++. I really, really like roleplaying, but I know no one who plays tabletop RPGs. I'm atheist and pretty moderate, politics-wise. I likes the History and the English. The internet is the world's greatest invention. I strive to be awesome and strive to meet awesome people.

    Okees, I'm done.
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  • Greetings to all my fellow Geeks out there!

    You can call me Phaze, as my real name is quite irrelevant, but that is only to evade all potential creepy internet stalkers and such like that. So about me, I'll be a freshman at the University of Texas starting in the fall, studying Computer Science. I have some knowledge of BASIC, HTML, XML, PHP, Java, and other languages that were introduced in highschool. I dual boot XP Media Center and Feisty Fawn (I'm trying to delve more into Linux, and I'm a total n00b at it), on a Dell... something or other. Though mainly I'm not so much the tech geek (but I want to be), as an artsy Photoshop, 3DS Max, Illustrator, Flash Geek. So, yea, Anime is cool too.

    That is all.
  • Good day my fellow geeks. I'm John aka CerealJohn. My screen name comes from the fact that I am an engineering manager for a food company in Minneapolis, MN. I have been listening to the podcast for about a year, and I recently have been paying more attention to the forums, and posting more frequently. I thought I had better introduce myself.

    I am 38 which makes me horribly ancient for these forums. I would like to think I bring an old school perspective. My first computer experience came when I was in middle school (that would be in 1981 for those of you who were yet to be born in that year) using one of two Commodore PET computers. Yes, those fabulous computers that integrated a 5" black and white monitor with a crappy keyboard and a cassette drive. Hard drive? What's that? Floppy drive? You think this is an Apple II for God's sake?

    Since those early days I have own 4 or 5 different Macs and 2 or 3 Windows machines. I own a handful of German boardgames (Carcassonne Big Box, Ticket to Ride, Lost Cities, Memoir), and am proud owner of the complete Manga of Sanctuary (Thanks Rym and Scott! It is that good!)

    I am married and have two kids. I live in a state where people have no idea how to drive, but at least the food sucks. My icon is a small section of a picture of Cthulu so obviously I love Lovecraft. That's me, my story, and I am sticking to it.


    "A lie well told and stuck to is as good as the truth." :p
  • Your avy's eating your post!! O_O
  • to fix that...
  • Good Day All,

    My name is Todd and I'm from beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. My screen name comes from a White Zombie poster I had as a teen. There was something I really liked about the title and design of the poster "zombie a gogo". This is also my Xbox 360 feel free to send me a friend request.

    What geeky things am I into? Well, computers of course, video games, sci-fi, horror movies (zombies of course), reading (really appreciated the Lovecraft podcast), TV (good TV that is...shows like Deadwood, Battlestar, etc.), music (swedish metal is my current fav, with Soilwork at the top of the list).

    Recently I have started to dabble in Ubuntu which I'm running using VMWare on my laptop. So far so good, I'm liking it and I'm learning quite a bit at the same time.

    Well, just wanted to say hi fellow geeks.
  • Alright then, well my name is Sean, I'm 24 and I'm from Canberra, Australia. I'm currently completing my Bachelor of Arts at the Australian National University, majoring in Philosophy and Ancient History. I probably should had my degree done along time ago, but I dropped out a few years back to go traveling for a couple of years!

    I used to be quite the nerd back in high school (Magic the Gathering, Warhammer 40K, and countless other horribly embarrassing things), but I don't really like most of that stuff anymore. Now I'm mostly into anime, comics, video gaming (specifically the PS3 at the moment, it rocks!), literature, Visual Arts and music. I'm helping a friend of mine start up a website for people to submit creative and critical writing. We are also thinking about starting up a podcast along side of it where a few of us will critically review literature/visual art/art house movies/anything with substantial artistic merit really.
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