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Identify Yourself

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Alright, I know there are a lot of people on these forums that aren't participating. There are also seem to be plenty of people we already know and plenty of complete strangers. I think we could really get the ball rolling if everyone identifies themselves in this thread. Just say who you are, where you are from, etc. Whatever you're willing to share.

I'm Scott Rubin, born April 30, 1982. You can use that to figure out my current age. I'm a software engineer for some company you never heard of. I graduated from RIT in 2005 with a BS in Computer Science. I am one of the two hosts of GeekNights. If you listen to the podcast you know the rest and more.


  • I'm Rym, the all-knowing and all-powerful. I slew the Tarrasque once. As my job, I design mansions, then live in them. I'm 9' tall, and can bench press seven metric tonnes. I graduated from Harvard, Yale, Oxford, MIT, and CSU in 1976. I have a doctorate in awesome with a masters in badass.

    I now own and live on a large Island (you may know of it as "Australia"). I race fighter jets and construct perpetual motion machines in my spare time.
  • RymRym
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    All right... ;^)

    Actually, I'm Rym DeCoster. My given first name is Brandon, but almost no one in the world actually calls me that. I currently work for IBM as an IT specialist at their East Fishkill manufacturing facility quit IBM and now work with research and practice hospitals in the Bronx and Yonkers work in the financial sector as a Senior Production Engineer. I graduated from RIT in 2005 with a BS in Information Technology.

    At uni, I ran the RIT Anime club, the biggest anime club on the continent, for three years. I was also vice president of the Kendo club for two years. I mostly spent my free time playing Counterstrike, Natural Selection, German board games, and Dungeons and Dragons.

    I've attended (and continue to attend) as many conventions over the years as time/money have allowed. Notables include Animazement, Anime Central, Astronomicon, Katsucon, Ohayoo-con, Otakon, Penguicon, Rudicon, Tora-con, Ubercon, and Uni-con. I've been a panelist for numerous years at several of these.

    I used to play the trumpet, and I'm working slowly on getting my chops back in order. I dabble in the piano on occasion as well.

    Aside from podcasting, gaming, watching anime, and so forth, I'm an avid hiker and mountain biker. I used to ski, but I no longer have either the time or the money to continue it.

    I was born in Detroit, Michigan not too long before Scott. I grew up in the burbs (Sterling Heights and New Baltimore) before moving to Rochester for university and then finally to Beacon for work. I've lost much of it now, but I used to have a very distinct Michigander's accent. It still surfaces from time to time, but New York's slowly beaten it out of me.
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    Hey there, my name is Dale Prince, I'm turning 25 next month 26 27 and some change, and I'm an alcoholic. No, I'm not. Maybe I'm in denial? Anyway. I am currently on the fourth (and final) year of a double degree, IT and Business Management done with that shit actually done with that shit, and I have the paperwork to prove it. I live in sunny Australia, I like PC gaming, roleplaying, sports (esp. Cricket and Rugby), and films 'Presented by Quentin Tarantino'.

    Everything else is on a need-to-know basis.

    P.S. Rym, when's the rent payment due? I heard, last time someone forgot to pay up, you roundhouse kicked the city of Woolomoloo so hard it landed on top of Oodanadatta (Today, we call that city Bejing).
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    I'm Alex Jarocha-Ernst, a geek of various hobbies (video games, board games, pen-and-paper RPGs, anime, computers, drawing, reading) and a contemporary of Rym and Scott's at RIT. Of course, they got out while the getting was good, and I'm still hanging around, now as a Computer Science graduate student. I'm a longtime hanger-on of the anime club, but was never involved in any official capacity, though I was briefly secretary of the kendo club through no fault of my own.

    I'm a native of the Pennsylvania-New Jersey border. Philosophically, I partake of secular humanism, Discordianism, Unitarian Universalism, and other isms as the situation or whim suggests.

    Edit: As of June 2006, I'm no longer a graduate student, but an actual graduate! w00t!
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    I'm Peter Olsen, another geek of many colors, and form one of the legs of the Front Row Crew, along with Rym, Scott, Alex, and the as-yet unidentified Katsu; I mean that literally, by the way - I actually form the left leg of the giant robot into which we all combine. Mainly, my geekdoms lie in video games, anime, board games, pen and paper RPG's, and the biological sciences. I'm an avid reader, sometimes writer, and former player of the alto saxophone. I'm a longtime associate of the RIT anime club, though as is the case with Alex, never in any sort of official capacity. Once, and only once, those of us in the Front Row Crew attempted to stage a coup of RIT's gaming club; the attempt failed miserably, but that was the closest I came to being officially involved in a club.

    I was born in the middle of nowhere in upstate (north of Albany) New York, and now live in Albany, where I am a Senior Food Bacteriologist for the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, in the Microbiology division of the Food Safety Laboratory.

    That's a lot of goddamn capital letters, which should indicate to you the importance of my job.

    I appeared on an episode of Geeknights, where we ranted and raved about pseudoscience and whatnot. Should more science things come up, I'll probably provide some more feedback on them.

    The rest, which is long and largely uninteresting, is available upon request.

    EDIT: I'm also the physically largest member of the Crew, and I'm a Viking. No, really.
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    Howdy, I am Kate. I met the “front row crew” while working on my B.A. in the Theatre from SUNY Brockport (nearish RIT). At the time I met the crew, I was just getting into geek culture, but their continued friendship has sucked me ever closer to true geekdom (having been a freak, a bookworm, and other geek related labels… geekery seems to fit well with me). Unlike the majority of those who have identified themselves on this thread so far, I have not been on Geek Nights, but my fiancé, Adam, was the amusing fellow with the culinary anecdotes on the “Food” show.

    Anyway, I am a novice geek who enjoys anime, some video games, some tabletop role playing games, was involved briefly in LARPing (and then realized that I got paid to act, direct and write scripts, so LARPing was just doing that for free with no budget and creepy people), fantasy and sci-fi films and shows (but don’t ask me about Star Wars, it always leads to me getting yelled at), and some other various geekery. I am also big into the performing arts and have a great appreciation and love for the visual arts (though I have little to no aptitude for them). Unlike the majority of my friends, I have a lot of fun studying fashion (particularly the new trend of combining technology with fashion in various ways)and as a hobby I am a seamstress and costume designer (thanks to all the theatre work).

    I have little to no knowledge about techy stuff (outside of the theatrical stage and film editing), but with some feigned reluctance, I am absorbing a lot from my geeky comrades.

    Oh, and I can be a tad yippy, a dash crazy, and a smattering of odd… to put it nicely.
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  • I am Kevin Shipley, a 20-year-old all-around geek. I met these guys at college in Rochester, hung out with them a lot, and eventually ended up living with Scott for most of the next school year.
    I am generally a shy and quit person, more in person than on the internet, however. I believe, if I am not mistaken, that I am the guy Rym mentioned in the website/livejournal rant episode who he hadn't talked to in a while and who, he discovered through livejournal, is a father. The odds of that being someone else are very low. And if it wasn't me, then, well, surprise. That also happens to be the reason I made the jump from Rochester, NY to Carson City, Nevada.

    Oh, and guys, the Lego episode had EXACTLY the effect you desired. I want to play with my Legos, but they are currently at my parents' house on the other side of the country.

    Damn you both.
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    I'm Don Schlaich, another graduate of RIT, but quite possibly the only one in printing. I wasn't ever a member of the Front Row Crew, but I knew Rym back in HS, and was part of his gaming group, but lost contact mostly because I'm a year younger and built my own group on friends upon arriving, and we never took over any clubs. I'm currently in Florida, because I needed to have a job to graduate, so I wasn't able to pick and choose what I wanted to do.

    I'm currently working as a disposable trooper in the evil army of junk mailers, operating a color printer, mass producing the junk you throw away from your car dealer.

    I'm currently a geek who's been stranded away from geekery. I could list my geek creds, but it's pretty much the standard list. It's better to list where it's lacking: I've never been to a con. One of the reasons I've been away from geekery for so long is I'm in a car city on a bike, which I use for all of the essentials, including going to work.
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  • I'm Katsunori Matsushita, a fellow graduate of RIT. As most on the Front Row Crew, I have varied geekeries. I have the common ones of anime, games, and tech that I share with the others. I'm also deep into martial arts, the latest in military technology, and history; though most people say that I take the History Channel far too seriously (yelling at the Channel, ranting on and on about some military or civilian blunder of history).

    As Alex mentioned above, he got pressganged into the Kendo Club hiearchy because I needed warm bodies to fill empty slots. I am proud to say that I never let democracy get in the way of my iron-fisted rule over the RIT Kendo Club.

    The one thing that I regret, is that I no longer hear the voices in my head. They were a salve on the eternal flames of my hate, but now I fear that because that pyre now burns so low, that I shall never hear them again.
  • Hello, I'm blitzcon. Most people use my real name, Graeme. I'm 24 years young. I was born in Kirkland, WA, but grew up in the midwest. I graduated from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (RHIT, not to be confused with RIT) in 2004 with a BS in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. Currently, I live in Madison, WI and work as a software engineer for a company that writes electronic medical records databases.

    RHIT kept me too busy for most geekery. I got into D&D a bit, played lots of card games, and sometimes showed up at the Rose Anime Society.

    Watching anime led to my taking Japanese for two years, which led to me going to Kanazawa, Japan, in 2004. I met and hung out with geeks from RIT and UIUC there. I also got sucked into this game called DDR...

    My friend Frank, who used to attend RIT, told me about Geek Nights and the Front Row Crew, and that's what brings us here today.
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    I'm Alicia. I'll be turning 21, next month, March 13th. I discovered Front Row Crew from reading the last page of the Tips thread on the Otakon boards. I attend Binghamton University. Officially I'm an anthropology and linguistics major, that may change though. In another life I ran Neo Gokuraku, the first and foremost anime club at Stuyvesant High School, at the time in it's tenth year, nevermind those upstarts.

    I'm all sorts of geeky I suppose. Sci Fi, Fantasy, Video games (RPG being my favorite), roleplaying (was also in a group called Excalibur at my h.s), anime, etc. I've been away from a lot of these things for a while now though. And I wonder why life feels a little grayer. I'm planning to go to Otakon because suddenly I realize I have my own cash which I can possibly save to do fun things like that. It'll be fun to watch anime and be in a large group of fans once more. The atmosphere energizes me I think. A convention hadn't even crossed my mind until a friend, another anime fan, brought it up. I attended one other anime con and that was AnimeEXNY in 2002, a convention that landed on my head, practically, and my operatives informed me of it in time for me to register and hop the subway over there.

    I've taken Japanese for a collective two and a half years. One year in high school and one and a half at my university. It's on the backburner at the moment but I'm still planning on studying abroad in Japan. Japan Japan Japan. I'm going to get there one way or another.

    So hello to all :-)
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  • I'm Shaun, and I've never been anywhere near RIT, though I did live in Manhattan for a while. Oh, and I slew a pack of Tarrasqes.
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    I can't believe I haven't posted here yet. What the hell RymScott, you should have grumbled at me.

    My name is Adam and I became friends with RymScott and the others of the 'crew' through Kate. I am involved very lightly now in many forms of geekery and am only limited by my ridiculously full schedule involving grad studies, student teaching, a part time job, writing papers, and other such academia. teaching.

    I was a guest on the food episode, god knows why, and I'll probably twist the collective arms of RymScott to get me on during a topic that is actually related to anything I do besides eat.

    And yes, I now refer to Rym and Scott as a collective.
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  • I've always preferred Scrym or Rott.
  • I'm Kevin, 25, from Brisbane, Australia, and have no association with Scrym other than listening to the podcasts, which I think I found in iTunes, and was interested enough to actual start lurking here.

    I'm mainly into sci-fi/fantasy and tech, but dabble in other areas as well.
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    Hi. My name is Baltmatrix...but my "real" name is Matt . I was born and raised in Baltimore MD (but spent around 10 years in the evil Amish cesspool is is Lancaster, PA). I am about 2 years older thand Rym and Scott and engaged to be married. I attended Susquehanna University (where I learned nothing) and majored in Computer Science. While there I was known to may as the Anime Guy or the Giant Robot Guy. I am also the on responsible for introducing Mike Pfeffer to the word of anime. Yes THE Mike Pfeffer (ie. Jewish Wofwood). That is my claim to fame. I am the SOB responsible for getting Mike hooked on anime. I am also the one who encourage him to dress as a Jewish Wolfwood. So if there are any Mike Pfeffer haters out there, you can partially blame me.

    As far as my interests go, I enjoy playing games (video and board games) but I would MUCH rather play them with friends than alone. I love manga and anime (however I can no longer watch some dubs). But my largest form of nerdom is in the form of giant robots. Gundam is a big one but Transformers are by far the winner. I currently have about 1,000 figures in my collection (most of which are sitting in my parents basement stored in nicely labeled boxes), and the number is growing. If you have a Transformers question, any at all, ask me.

    I started listening to Geeknights after Mike was interviewed by Rym and Scott and now I listen to every night of the podcast (mostly while on the way to and back from work). If anyone has ever driven in Baltimore traffic then they know how bad it can be.
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    Hi, I'm Scott Johnson (Cremlian) and I figure it's about time I wrote something here about myself. I’m the person they reference when they refer to either the beach house, being frugal at conventions/getting in for free or not having good taste in video games/movies/life.

    I met Rym and Scott when they first set foot in the RIT anime club. I was an Executive Assistant to the Librarian of the club at the time Greg Young. I got to hear about what the E-board thought of the “front row crew”. Complain about how the “Front Row Crew” was evil Bootleggers and creepy Hentai Addicts (all lies… mostly). I believe there used to be a discussion on whether we should have booted a few of them out at the time. Fortunately Luke and I befriended them. I started sitting in on their “undead” D&D games on Saturday nights when I had nothing going on. (yes, I was watching a D&D game for fun in my free time) Let’s just say we were fast friends. (to save other stories for later).

    Anyhow to talk about me.(I love doing that) I grew up in Horsham PA, a moderately populated suburb of Philiadelphia. (which just made national news censoring the director and star of Super size me, which I was planning to go see him speak, ruining my Friday night). I really enjoy tangents as you can tell because of all the ( ). Anyhow, I attended RIT for 5 years, obtaining a degree in Biotechnology, while also taking a fair share of Computer science courses and Psychology courses. I served as a Assistant in the RIT anime club for 3 years and became the Librarian for my 4th year and the President for my 5th year. (which is a funny story in itself.) while I was at RIT, Luke and I started a webcomic called Dubthis ( which was inspired by our experiences in the anime club.

    Since college, I’ve moved back near my parents (a town over in Hatboro PA) bought a house and work at a local Lab as a Data manager while living with my girlfriend Dawn. I struggle to find time for all of my hobbies with include but are not limited to video gaming(Gamecube, DS and PC), comic books (Currently Marvel’s Ultimate lines, Ex Machina, Y the Last man, Runaways, The Walking Dead) anime, hiking, running, camping, TV shows (Veronica Mars, Lost, 24, Battlestar Galactica and Firefly), reading actual books, Freethought, listening to podcasts, (there isn’t much I’m not interested in actually),

    I currently attend Katsucon and Otakon, in the past I’ve attended Ohayocon, Anime Central, Rudicon and, Tora-con.

    Well I shouldn’t ramble on too much about myself, Hopefully one of these days I'll get on the show..
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    Hey guys,

    My name is Andrew , I am currently a high school senior in the Washington DC suburb area. Im probably the youngest one here at the ripe old age of 18 so...yeah. Not much to my life since I still reside in the cesspool that is high school but I will be attending GA Tech in the fall to study Computer Science and possibly math/physics as well (Although I did get accepted at RIT, sorry guys. However you will probably meet some of my friends who are big anime fiends that will be attending RIT).

    I am now second year Georgia Tech student studying 'Puter Science.

    I am now an alumnus of Georgia Tech. And a Ph.D studentzomgholyfuck......

    I, unlike many of the boardies, do not involve myself with the anime culture (once again, sorry guys haha). I'm starting to enjoy teh animes. However, I am quite an avid gamer enjoying many boardgames and video games as well. I am currently working on developing several programs from rubiks cube solving algorithmns to basic Turn-Based strategy games in school. Chess is a past-time of mine that I enjoy and I also play a mean French Horn.
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  • I think you just wanted to use cesspool in a sentence. It seemed obligatory to you. See? I just got to use obligatory in a sentence. w00t!
  • Actually that was what really went through my head...haha :(
  • Hi I'm Cat Lee. I met Scott and Rym at anime club in my 2nd year at RIT. I don't know how exactly. I just kinda got comfortable with the cloud of friends at the club. In my fourth year I because Publicist for the RIT anime club.

    I grauduated from RIT with a bachelors in Graphic Design. Now I work for a company building web banners for a large food company. And no I don't make those fucking punch the monkey ads.

    On my own time:
    -draw fanart
    -play video games(mostly rpgs and strategy games, currently on Fire Emblem 1 GBA)
    -read fanfics, comics (DC mainly), manga, fiction
    -collect random shit
    -look at cute stuff on the internet
    -watch anime (currently on Mein Liebe)
    -Tabletop RPG on the weekend (currently doing a shoujo high school romance, current conquest: hot deaf guy)

    I'm the kind of person who would find almost anything interesting. And I'll try to so many things and never get done.

    I'll be judging the cosplay contest at Toracon. Feel free to drop by to say hi!
  • Me am Darryl Smith. From Australia. Currently in second year of CS Degree. Thus far it has been boringly easy, since I have been programming and stuff since around 12. I listen to every day of GeekNights available.
    Not playing any games at the moment, save D20 Modern, which I am about to leave to DM. Have stacks of PC games waiting for attention, but you get that.
    Watch lots of anime, currently Fanboying (I dont suck at not being a fanboy, though. Am Good fanboy!) over Blood+ and Ergo Proxy. But mostly blood+.

    Found you on iTunes a fortnight or two ago because of Tuesday night, which was easier to find randomly than the others.
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    Well, I'm not going to give you my real first name because because you already have my nickname both online and in real life, which is more than enough to grab my attention. My nickname, as you probably have already guessed, is Kamiccolo. However, most people just call me Kami, which makes me nervius in public because people usually think of the communist "cami" instead.

    Anyways, I was in June 1988 and I love gaming. My primary game is Jedi Academy. If anyone else here plays that game, then I'd like to face them. I'll even set up my JA+ server and give you temp admin if I'm not running a clan.

    I'm a really big anime fan and my favorite anime is Neon Genesis Evangelion (still not sure why Rym ranked CowBoy BeBop higher, but I haven't seen the last 6 episodes or the movies yet so I can't justify anything).

    I'm also a modder to a certian extent as long as I don't have to go through any scripts. I also know how to skin. However, I have close to 0 artistic tallent, so that doesn't actually get me anywhere.
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  • I suppose an introduction wouldn't hurt. In the gaming world I am known as Renshi Kakita or Xanatos Strife, but in reality I am known as.....

    *A gunshot is heard. Above Renshi's head is a bullet hole about 5 inches from his spiked hair. Good thing he got a haircut recently.... *

    *Renshi recomposes from shock*

    Jesus! Guess I won't push for my real name then huh? Anyways, if you REALLY want to know, then just PM me or something. Currently, I have merely just begun my journey through college by taking my first steps at Northern Oklahoma college (where square dancing is a class taught there. Class filled up pretty fast. -.- ......). Fortunately, I will be moving soon so it will not matter. My degree will end up being in Computer Science (BS or perhaps Masters if I have it in me).

    My hobbies? Video Games (current addiction: Kingdom Hearts 2 and Battlefront 2, both PS2.), Anime, and my Zen-Christian religion.

    If you have any other curiosities, then please contact me via e-mail ( or PM.

    Thank you for coming aboard,

    Renshi Kakita
  • Hey everybody, who's been on the forums longer than I have. I don't know if this jogs anybody's memory, but I'm that 16 year old kid who sent in that audio file about the PSP and how to set it up for listening to podcasts. Hope you guys found that helpful, but you probably just figured it out on your own, if you even have a PSP. So far, I've only used it to for playing GTA: Liberty City Stories, listening to podcasts, and for occasional web browsing.

    So I live in Newton, KS, and I'm jewish, just by nationality. Right now, I'm starting out on linux, finding which distro I love the best. Currently, I'm lovin' Ubuntu. I have both Windows XP and Ubuntu split up on my hard drive, mostly because of the applications I use. I'm not going to give a shot at wine, unless somebody gives me a good reason why.

    As far as hobbies, from the above, it's obvious I love computers. Right now, I use steam to play all my games, like hl2 mods (dystopia) and hl1 mods (natural selection). Anybody who likes games but has little money, can get onto steam, download hl1 (half life 1) for $10 and then immediately download all the mods for it. Then its likes having 20 games. Finish this later...
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    I am known only as Mr. Period, simply as I do not wish to reveal my legal name to the Internet at large. The name was suggested, and seems to fit. I have been given full authority by Rym and Scott to correct spelling and grammar as I see fit, replete with verbal lashings as the individual cases may warrant.

    I have promised not to engage in actual conversations here: I am merely a moderator. I will be fair and thorough. I will furthermore never alter the actual meaning of a given post: only the grammar and spelling. I will never delete a post, nor will I editorialize.

    That is all. Pray you fall below my withering radar.
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  • Editorialize? Uh oh. Everybody look out, President Bush is editing our posts! Even worse, Bush can use the Internets!
  • You win. I fail. Crap.
  • Hey Mr. Period, I'll see you in a month.
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