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Grandmaster Tetris player

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Holy crap this person is realllllllly good.


  • That video is sooo old. And after beating Tetris DS on marathon mode, the video isn't that impressive anymore either. When you've got a video of someone doing multiple full T-Spins then I'll give it the thumbs up.
  • I hadn't seen it before so it was new and awe striking to me. Since all I ever play is original Game Boy Tetris I thought the video was pretty impressive. As with any observation of a particular feat of skill it's a matter of personal perspective. This might be three ball juggling to Scott, but to those of us that aren't seen-it-all-before geek gods, this video is mind numbing.

  • That's why we make this show. It's the perfect recipe for entertainment. One group of people is completely amazed at a bunch of stuff. Another group of people regard those things as commonplace. Therefore, our commonplace discussion is completely awesome to everyone else.

    Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have given away the secrets...

    By the way, good job using the juggling example. I want to see just how many conversations it can work its way into. Don't force it though, then it will be lameified. Only use it when it makese sense.
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