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Yeah Me!

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I've been playing this Internet rookie stock trading game for a few weeks now (best gainer of the week wins $1K) and I just lucked out. A stock I had been holding for a few days (gold stock) was up high and I bailed on it. Within ten minutes of bailing it dropped hard. I made about $3K in fake money off the deal and would have lost about $6K if I held on.

Now I have to decide whether or not to buy back in after such a big drop. (I just want the $1 weekly prize) that's why I'm going heavy on Charter stock. They tanked last week because of the CA wildfires but I know they will go back up soon enough ;)


  • Maybe not... That Gold stock just gained back all the points it lost... If it had stayed low I would have pruchased it but the game has a twenty minute delay built into it.
  • I heard of this back in high school. They used it to teach students about stocks. My friend was super into it then, but I never tried it. I wish I had the class though. The guy who was teaching it was an awesome teacher.
  • The site is not so bad but you have to hold everything for an hour which can really screw you if you type a stock symbol in wrong.
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