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Trouble downloading Geeknights

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I'm having trouble downloading the Wednesday episode of Geeknights, It appears in my feed just fine, but I get horrible static when i try to play it. I haven't had this problem with downloading any other episode.


  • Yea, it's another episode by Rym's new Hypno-Toad.
  • Yea, it's another episode by Rym's new Hypno-Toad.
    Wow, you stole the thoughts out of my mind. Anyway, yeah we got some static.
  • Wow, I got it too. Darn you people! Infecting me and keeping me from my Geeknights!
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    I find the static witty and informative.
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  • Though ultimately unrewarding.
  • Ahh, so guess what? If you delete a file through the ftp client in Libsyn, it only deletes it as far as the ftp client can see: it doesn't actually delete it. Furthermore, if you then upload a new file with the same name (thinking the original was deleted), not only does it work, but the file shows up fine. I even downloaded it via ftp just now, and it was the right one. The web interface, however, decided to use the original, bad, mystery file without telling me.
  • Working! Thanks.
  • Here we go again!

    February 7, 2008 = Borken.
  • But different broken this time. Just doesn't start (or is that just me?).
  • Ah, but it's not just ANY broken file, it's a secret! If you change open it in a texteditor, you get...
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Message>Access Denied</Message>
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    The file is just not there right now. Simply wait, and Rym shall provide.

    EDIT: In the meantime, if you have to listen to something, there's a new episode of the Penny Arcade podcast available.
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  • RymRym
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    File's uploaded. I could see it in Libsyn. I tested last night. I have no idea what's wrong.

    Edit: Now it's gone from Libsyn. I'll have to upload it again when I get home tonight.
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    I'm able to download the mp3 now via the direct link. There's still something wrong with the feed, though.

    EDIT: Nope, it's the last episode. Darn.
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