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RIP Harvey Korman

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Rest in peace, Harvey Korman.

The great Harvey Korman died yesterday. His contributions to the world of comedy will be greatly missed. He had great roles in movies such as:
  • Hedy Hedley Lamarr in Blazing Saddles
  • Dr. Charles Montague in High Anxiety
  • Chef Gormaanda, Krelman, and Toy Video Instructor in the imfamous Star Wars Holiday Special
  • Count De Monet in The History of the World Part 1
  • Professor Balls in the Pink Panther movies
You will truly be missed, Harvey.


  • I loved watching him on re-runs of the Caroll Burnette Show. He really was a great talent.
  • HedyHedley Lamarr inBlazing Saddles
    I'm so glad you posted this joke.
    Count De Monet inThe History of the World Part 1
    Count de Money? It's De Monet, DeMonet!
  • One of my personal favorites...

    HIs expressions and his attempt at holding back the laughter makes this sketch priceless.
  • I was sad to hear this too. I watched a lot of Carol Burnett as well when it was first run. :-) I think there were only 3 channels back then. He and Tim Conway were the funniest thing on television.

    History of the World:
    "Don't get sausey with me, Bearnaise!"
  • I am sorry as well, but I think that some here are looking back through rose colored glasses and remembering only the good bits. Harvey was ubiquitous in the 70s and I have been thoroughly fed up with him since '78. He did do a good job in a couple of films, but if you saw him on television nearly every day, you'd be as sick of him as I was.

    Watch a couple of episode of Carol Burnett to see how how bad television can be. People were so starved for entertainment back then, they would watch a flickering incandescent light fixture for hours. I know. I watched many, many episodes of Curt Gowdy and The American Sportsman because there was literally nothing else to do.

    Oh, and Tim Conway should die in a fire.
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