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When Push Polling Goes Bad

edited October 2009 in Politics
If'n your going to be doin` some push-poll surveys, be ye reading the results before'n you deliver them to ye opponent.

Seriously. You're doing push-polls, and you're just so damn smug and confidant that, rather than checking the results, you deliver them sight-unseen to your opponent's office? That's dirt-level dumb.


  • That makes me feel a little better about the general population of my home state. That state senator is a retard. I'm glad people are pushing back.
  • "Do you support sending the North Carolina National Guard to help secure our southern border?"

    I think that is actually a reasonable question :-p I mean it's South Carolina!
  • Did you read the comments? They are hilarious. The Great Southern Menace has to be kept at bay...otherwise, who knows how many trips to Argentina our citizens will start taking?
  • Fuck yeah! Yes Minister / Yes Prime Minister is brilliant!
  • Fuck yeah! Yes Minister / Yes Prime Minister is brilliant!
    It is required viewing if you want to understand how a parliamentary democracy actually works (or doesn't).
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