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Counter-Strike Global Offensive



  • Rym said:

    Andrew said:

    Rym said:

    God damn, there are a lot of smurfs in competitive silver ranks lately.

    I wonder why.

    Most cheats hang out in upper nova tier. Smurfs in silver are usually just MGE+ ranked players on alt accounts.
    A ton of accounts with 1-3 hours of CS:GO playtime suddenly appeared on Sunday. Super good (led their teams). One game I was on, half the players were unranked with a couple hours playtime, yet somehow were magic Neo gods.
    I'm going to guess CS:GO went on sale on Sunday. That's when everyone buys their alt accounts.
  • Rym said:


    I got a cooldown yesterday. It said basically (summarized):

    "Congrats on your recent wins. Wait 24 hours before you play again while we recalibrate your matchups."

    I have never abandoned a competitive game.

    Huh. Guess I don't win enough games...?
  • Why would you not smoke on the other side of double doors as a CT before going to B?
  • That's pretty much giving up mid to terrorists, which is the most important area. Also CT peek mid to try and figure out how many went A/B
  • 99% of people I am playing with who peak essentially die within a few seconds making it a 4/5 within a few seconds. From what I understand it is a Terrorist favoured map.

    In Global Elite level you may run and trade info for a 50/50 challenge but the people I'm playing with hardly communicate, I'm not on your level Andrew ;).
  • sK0pe said:

    it is a Terrorist favoured map.

    Barely, though. At least at high levels of play. I suspect the split goes closer to 50/50 the worse the players are as well.
  • CS:GO Average Players

    December 2012 14,079
    December 2013 46,788
    December 2014 183,589
  • Starfox said:

    sK0pe said:

    it is a Terrorist favoured map.

    Barely, though. At least at high levels of play. I suspect the split goes closer to 50/50 the worse the players are as well.
    From what I've followed any CS discussion (which means all my info is old at best) Dust2 is maybe the most balanced CS map, but it is slightly favoring Terrorists. Ultimately in asymmetrical game perfect balance is impossible, that's why there is side switch and in tournaments multiple maps in a match.

  • Why would you buy the game for an alt account when you can just use family share?
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    Dust2 51% terrorists. Sauce.
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    Andrew said:

    How to Aim Better Video

    I ordered this guy's microphone a few days ago, finally don't have to bother with gaming headsets anymore.

    HMTKSteve said:

    Why would you buy the game for an alt account when you can just use family share?

    I'm not sure if you can get competitively ranked using family share, otherwise there would be no reason not to.
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  • Are you guys using CZ after it got buffed up to crazy again?
    I've stuck with the Five seveN and the Tec 9 because of money but eco rounds seem much easier to win with CZ especially if the entire team has them.


  • A short CZ rush can sometimes be highly effective I've found. But I like to have the 57 and let someone else CZ.

    Of course, I'm an unranked silver fuckhead, so what do I know? ;^)
  • p250 is pro
  • Andrew said:

    p250 is pro

    Why? Should I always use it instead of the 57? Or is there ever a situational decision?
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    57 is a p250+flashbang Both do appreciable amount of penetration to armor, although 57 does more damage if you don't get headshots. Essentially, if you are relying on your pistol, it's prob an eco round so save the money and just accept you will probably the lose the round.
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  • I'm probably relying on the Five seveN and Tec-9's greater body damage then. (The Five seveN has irrationally been my favourite gun in the game.

    I will try getting use to using the P250.

    Andrew is likely not to be surprised at how many people get smashed by pistols because they don't know how to control or properly use the AK in lower ranked games.

    I am very comfortable with the M4 and AK, have been trying to use the AWP. I'm terribly slow or inaccurate with the flick. I forgot how different the muscle memory and positioning has to be when using this weapon. It is satisfying when you get that quad but I feel like a dumb-ass when taken out by a rifle.

    AWP and P250 practice incoming.

    Getting out of old man mode with the rifles seems to have been relatively easy compared to being comfortable with the AWP.
  • I found the shitty part of the CS:GO community in competitive mode.

    Groups of 3 to 4 who have lobbied up and don't communicate whatsoever and then kick you for not making a headshot with a pistol (only 4 rounds into the game because he is a Gold Nova smurf helping his friend and apparently knows everything).

    Then there are the kids who would rather spend money on flash bangs to team flash rather than drop weapons and treat the game like it is deathmatch (plus don't know how to use any of their guns).

    These types of games have the same feel as MOBAs.
  • Those groups want to kick a player. They plan to kick whoever joins. They want to win rounds 4v5 while the smurf carries. It's solely to rank up.
  • The game is so much more fun with friends (even though they don't have the basic mechanics of how to use spray patterns or how to buy or use grenades).
    I also had no idea i could play hostage on Competitive, never played Back Alley, made 3 people on the enemy team rage quit (that map is stupidly close quartered, making the Negev and shotguns OP).

    Also I was completely stupid and wondering why I couldn't hear footsteps properly - I had done a fresh install of Windows a few months ago but had never set up 7.1 in Windows, so my sound was only sending Dolby simulated left and right speaker channels to my headphones (I don't know how I won any of the competitive matches so far :disappointed_relieved: ).

    The extra fail is that I was the one who reported the need for the speaker setup option in Windows 7 when it was first released.
  • Andrew said:

    FYI, this guy just got banned by Valve for match fixing.
  • What do you guys prefer for anti-eco after winning pistol round?
    (I understand you want to use range because they are likely on pistols).

    I've been using an MP-7 (as it seems to be accurate for an SMG) but if the person you play against can use a pistol well, one or two shots and you're gone. Would it be better to go FAMAS / Galil or Tec-9 / Five seveN or just get really good with an SMG?

    If felt super sorry for the team I was playing against a few days ago, my team won the first 4 rounds, so 4 players from the enemy team vote kicked themselves off leaving the entire rest of the game to be 1+ bots vs 5.
    Andrew said:

    Andrew said:

    Steel Aim video

    FYI, this guy just got banned by Valve for match fixing.
    Some of the positive community response is baffling.
  • Day one of CS:GO: I got a kill, yay.
  • T-Side I go bizon, CT usually I go with pistol and grenades.
  • I like FAMAS or Galil. If you lose and give them the gun, well they were getting AKs/M4s anyway.
  • If I lose first round I'm eco until 4. (unless someone drops guns)
  • Well if you're T's and you plant but lose you can full save second and buy third. If you steal the second you can probably buy third.
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