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Counter-Strike Global Offensive



  • Wow. That's super awesome. Feels slightly sketchy that information isn't available to players in-game.
  • That would be good for integration on G15/G510 keyboards with LCD screens.
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  • That had might as well be a documentary of my experiences playing on pubs.
  • They released an update.
    My body is ready.

    Oh, it was also a huge update, with 8 new maps, including newke.
  • I tried out the beta of nVidia shadowplay streaming to youtube.

    It works OK. I ran with completely default settings. One annoying thing, however, was that it set its own (useless) description of my video, overriding the youtube settings.

    Time to investigate all the configuration options.

    (As an aside, I was playing mostly against scrubs. I pulled off a bunch of super ridiculous "literally run straight at a guy who's trying to shoot me and knife them repeatedly in the front until they die" moments.) =(
  • Valve might be trying to separate the cheaters from regular players using registering you phone number with Valve rather than a paid subscription.

    This would reduce the number of ass holes you play with but also increase queue times if the majority doesn't adopt this. (One account per "premium" Valve account therefore you can't just make a new account after you're banned.
  • New Feature - press the Use key on a chicken, and it will start following you. Which has lead to things like this:

  • Rym said:


    Rym's gonna live some dreams tonight.
  • Beautiful.
  • Rym said:


    Rym's gonna live some dreams tonight.
  • Update on chicken trick - Does not work with knives.
  • Shit is hitting the fan with some crazy illegal gambling shit
  • Wish Valve wouldn't even allow gambling sites to exist.

    I wish skins weren't even a thing either, but that's another story.
  • Well, that is some bullshit.
  • RIP CS:GO? Sprays coming back. I guess it wouldn't be the end of the world if I could turn off ever seeing another player's spray.

    I'm already only playing Overwatch anyway though :/
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