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Switching from PSP to DS: Your experiences (if any)

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I really have an urge to trade my eighteen-month-old PSP for a DS Lite, as the games for the PSP (past, present and future) have not convinced me that my April 2005 purchase was a smart one. The only thing I keep it for now is for the RSS capabilities, which I've finally grown tired of, because I have iTunes downloaded on my Dell at work and my Compaq at home. I found that sitting still listening to podcasts on a long (one hour and fifty minutes) commute is not my idea of fun, as I would rather be playing a game. The games for the PSP are nothing but long-loading PS2 ports, and many of the RPGS for the system have been done to death game play-wise for the Sega Saturn/PlayStation.

Are there any other Geeknights listeners who have made the switch from PSP to DS Lite and have you had any remorse?
Please list your experiences as I may switch this weekend.


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    Hmm, I remember not too long ago, from my habits of playing ACWW on DS, I run alot in ACWW, so when I started to play my PSP a few days ago I started pressing the circle button a large amount of times. Just a random thought.
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