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SITA-con 2006

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Tonight on GeekNights, we cover SITA-con 2006 in Utica New York. In the news, we have a bunch of manga announcements, and the Nintendo World Store in NYC is taking pre-orders again.


  • The show was awesome (the podcast). According to your review it seems that the Convention was great, I hope next year is the samething so I can go. I was in the middle of midterms so .... yeah It sucks.
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    I actually went to Manganext (sorry SITA con, I already had my ticket and I like manga more than video games anyway). As far as “what can you do at a manga con that you can’t do at an anime con” I think Manganext (along with things like Shoujocon and Onna!) is part of a very slow movement to have cons with specific emphases.

    Just like we’ve gotten to the point where we don’t need a general webcomics panel at every convention maybe there are enough cons these days that they don’t all need to be generic. Manganext was still an anime con (it had an anime room, videogames, artist alley etc.) but it emphasized manga through its guests and panels, which honestly was a nice change of pace with some interesting results.
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  • Here are caffeinated lifestyle's photos from SITACon.

    Click the link.
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