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A British judge doesn't know what a website is

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Story here
I can understand him not understanding how they were doing what they were doing, but not knowing what a web site is at all is pretty incredible


  • I think he's lying. You know he looks up creepy porn sites when he's on his own.
  • Was it a jury trial? If it is a jury trial he is likely stating he has no knowledge to force the attorneys to educate the jury.
  • Aren't there better ways of going about having the attorneys educate the jury about what a website is, like him saying, "Hey attorney, explain to the jury what a website is."
  • Not necessarily.

    Saying, "Hey attorney, explain to the jury what a website is," implies that the judge considers the jury to be a bunch of ignorant fools.
  • I would say he's not trying to educate the jury, because if you read the story, he says things like he hasn't "grasped the concepts" and to "keep it simple" He sounds like the people who come to my store who are utter idiots technology wise and want super duper high def TVs for about $100 and yell at us because we can't give them a price reduction
  • Lawl. Rym was right on the money.
  • He's a smart one, that Rym.
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