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edited May 2007 in Technology
I just installed Beryl.

Fuck! How am I ever going to get anything productive done ever again?! I'll just be watching the windows wobble and the cube flipping around.

If you like procrastination, try Beryl.


  • I get high just by looking at Beryl :P
  • IMHO, Beryl and all these other 3d-accelerated desktops are pretty stupid. They decrease productivity, eat system resources, and eat electricity. In return all you get is eye candy. It would be fine if they simply harnessed the power of the GPU to improve the performance of the desktop environment. Instead, they just make it worse. Beryl is cool for showing to people to make the go ooh and ahh. Other than that, it has no real purpose.
    Personally, all I want from fancy desktops are menus that fade in and out, and drop shadows on the windows. Both of these features make the screen easier on my eyes without decreasing the efficiency with which I can use my computer. However, at the present time, even enabling just these features results in multiple glitches in standard desktop operations.
  • No disagreements there. I have it disabled. I still love watching those windows close in a burst of flame though @_@
  • But think of the fun you can have with your computer-illiterate friends!

    "Hey man, there is something wrong with my computer. The corners keep melting away when I try to do something..."
  • I was at a lan party and as I didn't have windows at the time I had my laptop set up through the HiFi playing music and the amount of people who came up and asked "Hey, is that Vista?" was quite worrying, seeing as lan parties consist mostly of rather computer literate people.
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