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I found it to be a good game, as difficult as it is. I just ran out of time to play it, going only up to World 100 or thereabouts, out of the 999 Worlds to conquer.


  • That game pwn3d me when I was younger. After working through the first dozen or so, I just started playing random higher ones. Remember the Nintendo-based one? Or that scary cake-world?

    My main beef with the game was the AI. Enemy knights would just wander into my swamps and die.
  • I remember. A bit of blatant propaganda during the Console Wars, with Nintendo as the Good Guy and the towns and villages of the Adversary being Sega hardware. That was one of my favorites.
  • I have a love-hate relationship with that game; while I enjoy playing it, I'm not terribly good at it, and it's one of those games that reminds me of my weaknesses in some video games.

    Kinda like Zelda 2, really.
  • Nintendo And Sega Debates were about as malicious as the Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter Debates.. And we all know which was the better game.
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