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GeekNights Monday - Sneakernets

Sneakernet is how one used to acquire what was at the time known as warez. It's also how Cubans have received "the packet." Physical data transfer is far from dead. In the news, there is tons of Apple news (like Swift going open source and split screen app use on the iPad), encryption and anonymous speech are crucial in the fight against corruption, and injectable brain meshes are a real thing.

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  • The opening bit about Premiere getting ahead of other software was quite funny. I'm totally with you on upgrading production software all the time. I do that with Final Cut Pro X, which is why I got the ability to sync multiple camera angles using the sound waves about two years ago. And also the automatic color grading stuff a few years ago too. I love those features, and it's also the only reason I can do multicamera editing so quickly after events too.

    That said, I bought Lightroom 3, and when Lightroom 4 came out, there weren't enough improvements for me to justify the upgrade price. After that I never got round to upgrading, so I'm still using Lightroom 3. And it's still just fine. I use it pretty often, but no where close to 10 dollars a month.
  • Large lenses

  • I've been wanting to do some sort of weird mesh network or something with Raspberry Pi's kind of like Scott mentioned, but I don't really have a use for one or other people to set it up with.
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    While there is a place where Internet speed and bandwidth are poor there is going to be physical media. When I was hanging around the poorer places of India on my last trip there was a system where a user would bring their microSD card into a shop with good Internet, they would get the stuff they wanted downloaded and that was how they got access to media from the Internet.

    Edit - Also the people who are using Windows and not updating is astoundingly crazy, even my parent's computers pass the Scott test. I met a CS student who was still not sure he should upgrade from Windows 7 to 10 and it's free! All because of "it will have Metro". Can't be bothered convincing idiots.
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  • Just about everyone in my high school who wanted it had a copy of my day-one Starcraft disc. To this day I still do not understand why, but this specific disc allowed us to install the game on as many computers as we wanted, and using its CD key, they could all be on at the same time. Makes no sense, but it worked, and it was glorious.

    Also, to settle the Arduino/Raspberry Pi thing, Scott is 100% correct. The RPi makes Arduinos completely unnecessary, as the RPi does have a header with plenty of analog and digital I/O pins. RPi is just overkill for most Arduino applications. You'd need to wire up whatever I/O pins to some small relay driver circuit.
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