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Searching is slow.

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Okay, this has been bugging me the past week. Forum searches used to load right away, but now it takes forever.

Any idea why this is happening?
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  • They're are super fucking slow. I don't use the search much but I have noticed it taking upwards of 7-10 seconds.
  • I just use google. ex. luke crane
  • Yeah, I had to bargain with Vanilla to get their advance search at no additional cost. Meanwhile, it's not very advanced at all. If anyone knows a better forum we can migrate to, let me know. I would love to stop paying for this.
  • How about PHPBB? (/sarcasm)
  • We could make one.
  • Starfox said:

    We could make one.

    I could. It would be astonishingly good. But I don't have a front end developer or time.
  • Just found NodeBB. Looks slick but I don't know if it has everything you want.
  • Or, just make it on your downtime at work. You're always complaining you just twiddle your thumbs all day, right?
  • Google Communities has all the functionality of a forum (categories, administrative controls,posts, it's free, the search works), the main negative would be losing all prior posts which is important to some people (however that could be archived somewhere).
  • Ugh... I hate Google Communities. It's such a cluttered design.
  • Yes, if we are going to change forums I would create an archive of this one where nothing new could be posted. That assumes it's of course impossible to migrate for some reason.
  • How do people feel about Discourse?
  • How do people feel about Discourse?

    I'm not a fan of the technology choices they made on the backend. Also, the interface, while modern and fast, is more frustrating to use than Vanilla. Also, it's not like it solves the search problem.
  • I think it would be really cool if the forumites could engineer the next forum. We have quite a few coders.
  • Pegu said:

    I think it would be really cool if the forumites could engineer the next forum. We have quite a few coders.

    That we do, but the scope of a project like that is ridiculous. And for most of us who do it as our job, we don't particularly want to work more when we get home.
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