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Best way to make small fund transfers online?

I have recently started a small side gig running RPGs for money. I am currently talking with some clients about an ongoing online campaign, which I have never done before. As a result, I am looking for a way to set up an online system to receive small payments (less than $20) on a per-session basis. Does anyone have experience doing this kind of online business? What kind of services exist that can handle this sort of thing? PayPal? Google Wallet? Apple Pay?


  • That's a pretty good business idea. I use paypal, typically, but I just signed up for a service at my bank that lets my business account process transactions for about the same fee as paypal, but it goes directly into my account immediately.
  • All of the above. They could also just setup the payments using their bank. I know I can do it with Chase.
  • Bitcoin/ Startcoin
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