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GeekNights Tuesday - Lost Cities

Lost Cities somehow escaped our baleful gaze, so tonight on GeekNights, we review Reiner Knizia's Lost Cities. It's a fantastic two-player game. In other news, if you look older, you probably are (effectively) older. Cold Express wins the Spiel des Jahres 2015, Twitch Plays Pokemon has a sad successor, and the button is no more. We will be live at ConnectiCon 2015!

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  • Ah, Lost Cities, the game of cutting your losses on turn 1! That feeling rubs some people the wrong way, but I agree with the majority opinion: it is a wonderful game.

    Funny anecdote: My wife and I played this for the first time at The Uncommons. We were having a really hard time scoring points. Man, this game is brutal! Then we realized there were several cards missing. Worst game for this to happen.
  • So you want your new awards to be like the queen knighting someone? Are you suggesting the Geeknights Geek Knights?
  • When I organized the first British Young Juggler of the Year show/competition is was very concerned about the problem of strong and weak fields being awarded the same "win".

    I made two different category of awards. One was an audience vote award that gave the overall BYJotY award. I made that an audience vote because then nobody could complain about the outcome. And it has worked! 10 years later and no complaints.

    Then there is a panel of judges that give as many gold or silver awards as the quality of the acts deserve. There are typically two or three silvers. In ten years there has been only one gold. This system is one most European circus competitions use, as how the hell are you meant to say a juggling act is better than a trapeze act? If both deserve gold, both should get gold.
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